TimorLeste police take over duties from UN in second district

30 June 2009Police in another district in Timor-Leste have taken over law enforcement duties from the United Nations, it was announced today. At a ceremony in Dili, the capital of the fledgling nation, the National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL) resumed the primary responsibility for the District of Oecussi, an 800-square-kilometre coastal enclave with a population of nearly 60,000 people.On 14 May, the PNTL took over in the District of Lautém after the UN peacekeeping mission (UNMIT) and the Government agreed on a resumption process which lays out the roles of the PNTL and UN Police.“Resumption means more than just a transition of primary policing responsibility,” Luis Carrilho, UN Police Commissioner in Timor-Leste, said at today’s ceremony. “You will be responsible for ensuring and promoting respect for human rights and the rule of law.”The Timorese police commander for Oecussi District, Mateus Mendes, has already served abroad as a UN peacekeeper, which is “evidence that the relationship between PNTL and the UN Police is a true partnership,” said Atul Khare, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative.The District of Manatuto will be the next to have its policing duties taken over by the PNTL.In UNMIT’s most recent mandate extension, the Security Council supported the phased transfer of policing responsibilities now performed by UNMIT to the PNTL starting this year, stressing however that the police must first meet all required criteria.The mission was set up to help stabilize the country and provide intensified police re-training in late April 2006, after fighting – attributed to differences between eastern and western regions – erupted following the firing of 600 striking soldiers, or one-third of the armed forces.Ensuing violence claimed dozens of lives and drove 155,000 people, or about 15 per cent of the total population, from their homes. read more

Enes Kanter May Be One Of The Last Players To Cash In

In the history of NBA free agency, there have been worse moves — particularly when you consider the crazy money that teams have shelled out to big men over the years. And through a certain prism (one that used to be the norm not so long ago), it even seems perfectly reasonable. But the Oklahoma City Thunder’s decision to match Portland’s maximum-level ($70 million) offer sheet to center Enes Kanter received mostly scorn from the Internet after it was announced late Sunday. At a glance, Kanter is the kind of young post player whose services teams line up around the block to pay for. The list of big men who snagged at least 15 points and 8 rebounds a game as 22-year-olds, as Kanter did last year, is littered with Hall of Famers, to say nothing of players whose numbers Kanter matched (18.7 PPG, 11.0 RPG) after a midseason trade to the Thunder. Decades ago, Kanter would have been seen as one of the league’s rising stars.Today, though, players are judged on their advanced metrics in addition to per-game averages and the eye test. And few players benefit less from this development than Kanter.Granted, it doesn’t take supercharged data to suspect Kanter of playing poor defense. He has a reputation for ineptitude at that end of the floor, and his block totals are routinely anemic. But defense is also a complex area of the game that statistics have traditionally been ill-equipped to measure accurately. And without reliable data, defensive deficiencies were easy to deny or downplay as more opinion than fact.Modern advanced stats, though, help quantify the defensive inadequacies of players such as Kanter with far greater precision than was previously possible. Without Real Plus-Minus (RPM), for instance, you wouldn’t know that Kanter had the worst on-court defensive influence of any center last season. And without SportVU player tracking data, you wouldn’t know Kanter allowed the highest field goal percentage at the rim of any qualified1Minimum 500 minutes played. big man a year ago. The recent advent of deeper NBA data has made it tougher for poor defenders to hide their shortcomings.Surprisingly (at least to me), Kanter’s offense also suffers on the sabermetric front: He doesn’t appear to help his teams score as efficiently as would be expected from his basic statistics. Only a few players have scored as much, and with as much efficiency,2As respectively measured by usage rate and true shooting percentage. as Kanter has over the past three seasons, but it doesn’t seem to matter. During Kanter’s career, his teams have scored 1.5 fewer points per 100 possessions with him on the floor than without, and — perhaps not coincidentally — he had the second-worst offensive Box Plus/Minus (BPM) of any player in the aforementioned group, and the fifth-worst offensive RPM.The single most important component of a player’s on-court offensive influence3As measured by offensive RPM. is scoring efficiency, and that’s not a trouble spot for Kanter. But even more important (when taken collectively) are a player’s assist rate and his ability to get to the line and to take 3-point shots, and Kanter sets the team back in both areas.That may not seem important because Kanter is still personally scoring points, but basketball is a tricky sport that way. The fascinating thing that happens when you search for links between component categories and overall offensive performance is that unexpected relationships fall out of the data. A player’s passing can amplify (or diminish) the potency of the threat his scoring talent represents; his ability to stretch the floor or collapse defenses into the paint can open up opportunities for teammates. Kanter’s own numbers might not be affected, but his weaknesses show up in his team’s rates of shooting efficiency, turnovers and, ultimately, offensive success.The idea of players being hollow stat-stuffers is hardly new, but the ability to quantify it with enough certainty to resist the lure of the potential “20 and 10” guy4Kanter averaged 19.6 points and 11.3 rebounds per 36 minutes last season. at the negotiating table is a novel development. Too novel, in fact, since OKC did eventually cave and match Portland’s offer to Kanter, putting the Thunder above the luxury-tax line they’d traded James Harden to avoid less than three years earlier. But if the rapid acceptance of advanced metrics is any indication, Kanter might be one of the last of his kind.In other words, don’t be surprised if the days of a player cashing in on hollow numbers are, well, numbered. read more

FLSmidth launches new Buffalo high capacity feeder breakers

first_imgIn response to low commodity prices and a worldwide need for improvement in operational efficiencies within the mining sector, FLSmidth has launched a new Buffalo™ high capacity feeder breaker product range. In conjunction with a longer machine life and reduced cost of ownership, the new feeder breaker is aimed, primarily, at optimising bord and pillar operations. “In essence, it will assist the underground mining sector increase and streamline productivity while reducing operational costs,” says P.C. Kruger, Capital Sales Manager responsible for the Buffalo product line at FLSmidth in South Africa. The manufacturing facility for Buffalo feeder breakers is situated in eMalahleni, the heart of South Africa’s coal fields.“The new Buffalo high capacity feeder breaker model was designed in partnership with various customers following an intensive analysis of underground mining operations and their key performance indicators,” Kruger says. “After four months of intensive detailed design and testing we commissioned and officially launched the first prototype in May 2015.”In parallel with this, product optimisation has been completely rolled out across the FLSmidth underground feeder breaker product line. Efficiency enhancement forms part of FLSmidth’s global strategy.The months which followed the launch have already revealed the new product’s success. Between June and September 2015, FLSmidth successfully delivered seven Buffalo high capacity feeder breakers to various mines around the Witbank coal fields. “Our customers are satisfied the equipment meets and exceeds operational and safety requirements,” Kruger states.Subsequently, FLSmidth is negotiating with various customers to supply and deliver another six units before the end of December 2015. “We are looking forward to building on this success further throughout 2016.”Kruger explains that Buffalo has maintained a robust design philosophy throughout its manufacturing decades. Buffalo feeders have always been recognised for their ability to operate within the harshest South African mining environments and have become synonymous with reliability and performance. The company started out as a small, privately owned product business in 1975 called McCarthy Mine Machinery. Through various acquisitions Buffalo became part of FLSmidth in 1999.“With the latest design technology at our disposal and through FLSmidth expertise, the company adopted a weight optimisation modular design for its new range of Buffalo feeder breakers – without sacrificing on health, safety or quality. This philosophy not only achieves a safer manufacturing environment but also decreases delivery lead times significantly,” Kruger outlines.Additional benefits for the new underground modular, semi-mobile feeder breaker product range, incorporating tried and tested Buffalo parts, are widespread. Close proximity detection systems ensure customer satisfaction upon delivery. By utilising variable speed technology and on-board PLC control, a 20 t shuttle car can offload in just 40 seconds. Spillage at transfer points is also minimised thanks to the mainframe’s design which is fit-for-purpose among different shuttle car suppliers.Kruger notes that fire suppression systems can be incorporated and fitted at a customer’s request. The feeder breaker can also be converted or upgraded into a feeder breaker/sizer combination if an in-section sizing solution is required.“The FLSmidth team involved in this latest Buffalo innovation is very excited about the new product line and believes this is the beginning of a new era for the brand. With a wide range of products being built at our facility in eMalahleni and continuous design improvements, in combination with other FLSmidth products, we are able to assist customers in increasing the lifetime of equipment, and deliver on our ONE SOURCE business philosophy,” Kruger highlights.last_img read more

Finding a cure How Italy has waged a 25year battle on public

first_imgFinding a cure: How Italy has waged a 25-year battle on public corruption One revelation in February 1992 kickstarted a war against cronyism across the Mediterranean country. Sunday 19 Feb 2017, 9:45 AM The trend has been reversed but there is still a lot to do. Organised crime is behind a lot of corruption today – it is easier to get someone to take a bribe than to kill them.By exposing the sleazy links between business and politics, “Clean Hands” effectively ushered the once powerful Christian Democrat and Socialist parties off the political stage.But hopes it would lead to a new generation of clean brooms emerging were dashed when Silvio Berlusconi took power for the first time in 1994.The media tycoon, who was eventually convicted of corporate tax fraud but managed to stave off several other corruption charges, moved quickly to enact new protections for the political caste, notably by reducing the gravity of offences like false accounting and by shortening the statute of limitations for financial crimes.Deep-rooted cultureUnder Berlusconi’s leadership, Italy fell even lower on international corruption rankings, at considerable cost to its image and economic well-being.In 2014, employers organisation Confindustria calculated that the Italian economy would be 20 percent greater than it now is if it had taken effective measures to stamp out endemic graft after Mani Pulite, mainly because of the negative impact that the perception of Italy being a corrupt country has had on inward investment.While there has been no repeat of a scandal on the same scale, corruption appears to be thriving at the local level.Dozens of Rome politicians and business figures are currently on trial in a case known as Mafia Capitale while a recent report by the national unit that fights organised crime said 904 people were arrested on corruption charges in the first half of 2016.If Di Pietro had his way, he would restore the use of undercover agents to identify politicians willing to take a bribe, reduce the number of possible appeals against convictions and eliminate the possibility of criminal cases timing out after they have been brought to court.While such institutional issues are a factor, many argue Italy’s corruption problems are deeply rooted in a culture which values loyalty to family and friends above respect for the law.“The countries that are top of Transparency International’s index (Denmark and New Zealand) don’t necessarily use draconian measures but they do enlist their help of their citizens in the fight against corruption,” said Raffaele Cantone, the head of the national anti-corruption unit (ANAC).© – AFP 2017Read: Boris Johnson is only delighted the Gambia wants back into the British Commonwealth Share12 Tweet Email Image: Luca Bruno AP/Press Association Images 19 Comments “I PERSONALLY MARKED every note, one by one.”Twenty five years have elapsed since Antonio Di Pietro’s sting arrest of Socialist Party official Marco Chiesa lit the fuse on the biggest corruption scandal in Italy’s history.And memories of 17 February, 1992 still burn bright in the mind of the now-retired judge who became an emblematic figure in the country’s enduring battle against endemic graft.“It was the only way we could be absolutely certain of proving that a bribe had been paid,” Di Pietro told AFP.“When he turned round to me and said, ‘But it is my own money,’ I was able to reply, ‘well, explain how they came to have my mark on every single bill.’”Chiesa’s arrest for taking a seven-million lire (€3,500) backhander over a services contract for the Milan hospice he ran marked the start of “Mani Pulite,” or “Clean Hands” – a far-reaching probe into the murky side of Italian business and politics.By the time it had run its course, 3,000 people had been arrested and half of the country’s lawmakers had been indicted.Some 1,200 people were convicted in the following years and several prominent business and political figures committed suicide before their day in court.Berlusconi setbackA quarter of a century later, it is far from clear that the discovery of how extensively corruption had riddled the country’s body politic has led to a cure.It is not even certain the cancer is in remission, according to Di Pietro.“At the time of Mani Pulite, the public thought they were watching a battle between police and thieves. Today people have the feeling they are watching a war between different gangs of thieves,” said Di Pietro.“The situation is certainly not great, even if it has improved in the last few years,” Virginio Carnevali, the chair of the Italian branch of Transparency International. 8,037 Views Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Image: Luca Bruno AP/Press Association Images Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article http://jrnl.ie/3243383 Feb 19th 2017, 9:45 AM By AFP Short URL Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconilast_img read more

Higuain explains why he turned down Chelsea for AC Milan

first_imgGonzalo Higuain has explained that he decided to go to AC Milan due to their great desire to have him, whereas at Chelsea it felt like only Maurizio Sarri wanted himThe Argentine international had been heavily linked with a move to Stamford Bridge over the past month following Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival at Juventus that had deemed him surplus to requirements at Turin.At one point it looked certain that Higuain would be joining his former Napoli boss Sarri at Chelsea for the upcoming season with the Italian coach having been extremely keen on reuniting with the goalscorer for his debut season in English football.But it appears, despite Higuain’s record of 36 goals in 35 Serie A games under Sarri at Napoli, not everyone at Chelsea shared their new manager’s enthusiasm for the 30-year-old.“I have big respect for Sarri but he was the only one who wanted me at Chelsea,” said Higuain, according to the Evening Standard.Franck Ribery, FiorentinaFiorentina owner: “Ribery played better than Ronaldo!” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso was left gushing over Franck Ribery’s performance against Juventus, which he rates above that of even Cristiano Ronaldo’s.“Here at Milan everyone wanted me. That’s why I chose Milan. The motivation and conviction they showed at Milan was fundamental.”Higuain has joined Milan on a season-long loan deal for €18m with the club having the option to make the move permanent next summer for an additional €36m.#GH9 and #MC33 are at Milanello! ???? What a warm welcome from a longtime friend! ???? Gonzalo e Mattia sono a Milanello! ???? Il benvenuto di Lucas Biglia all’amico @G_Higuain! ????#weareacmilan pic.twitter.com/4LsfkuQpEi— AC Milan (@acmilan) August 3, 2018last_img read more

ExElleGirl Editors Launch ENewsletter

first_imgOnce a robust category in print, the titles serving teen girls have dwindled in recent years. Both Hachette’s ElleGirl and Time Inc.’s Teen People shuttered in 2006. Hearst’s CosmoGirl! folded last month. (Last week, Conde Nast shuttered Flip.com, its online social network and scrapbook creation site aimed at teen girls.)”During our years in print, we realized that magazine Web sites were often an afterthought, running repurposed magazine pieces, stories that were killed, or content that was deemed ‘not good enough’ for print,” Walker said.“From a user perspective, it’s nice to have your information delivered to your inbox, as opposed to having to go to the site every day,” Ichikawa told FOLIO:. “Let’s face it, we’ve all gotten a little lazy with the immediacy of the Internet and if you can even cut out 20 seconds of your surfing routine, you’ll take that option.”The pair plan to make content available on a variety of platforms, including RSS, mobile, widgets, social media syndication and a traditional Web site.Daily Candy, which launched in 2000, was acquired by Comcast for $125 million in August. A pair of former ElleGirl editors have launched an e-mail newsletter targeted at teenage girls.Anne Ichikawa and Melissa Walker say I Heart Daily, an e-newsletter and Web site modeled loosely after the older-skewing Daily Candy, will deliver entertainment, fashion, beauty and news content to the audience they used to edit for.“We’re focused on making I Heart Daily a staple in the lives of our audience,” said Walker. “As more and more content providers targeting the teen demographic have folded, we hope to fill that void in a unique way. And we’re both always up for a new adventure, so we want to grow the brand and go wherever the site takes us.”last_img read more

Playboy Returns to Its Archive Launches Playmatescom

first_imgFrom a business perspective, the new site is a solid marketing play. It’s optimized for social sharing; it has clear entry points for visitors to either subscribe to the magazine or iPlayboy; and the site is well branded, meaning there is no mistaking that it’s a Playboy property. Also worth noting is that aside from house ads, there is no other advertising on the site. But the company says, “we have no immediate monetization plans but we do believe that there will be a large and attractive enough audeince to provide for advertising and e-commerce opportunities in the future.” In terms of content, the site has introduced a few new features. Visitors that wish to know more about the Playmates can engage with “15 Seconds,” a feature similar to the “Playmate Data Sheet” that accompanies each centerfold. The “Playmate Redux” will provide readers with a “where are they now?” perspective on some of the most popular Playmates from the past 60 years. There is also has a weekly video blog, which will discuss a host of lifestyle topics including dating and relationship advice. Playboy is celebrating its 60th birthday this year. So far the celebration has already included a robust anniversary issue that kicked off 2014 and a rerelease of its inaugural issue. Now, the magazine has launched Playmates.com, an interactive website dedicated to the history of the brand’s iconic Playmates.Playmates.com will be a slightly safer landing page for visitors in that it will not reveal nudity. That said, visitors still have plenty of eye candy to explore. Plus, the site is fully interactive and mobile responsive, so it encourages discovery and click-through from any device.In a statement, David Israel, COO and president of Playboy Media, describes the new site as “a single resource to satisfy the huge appetite for everything there is to know about our readers’ and fans’ favorite Playmates.” He adds, “Playmates.com provides both our readers and Playmates alike with a fun platform to engage, share, reminisce and connect with an American cultural phenomenon.”A spokesman tells FOLIO: that Playboy’s 14 million Facebook fans and more than one million Instagram followers validated its decision to launch the new verticle.  last_img read more

Lexus Level 2 Automated Highway Teammate on track for 2020 rollout

first_img 2019 Lincoln Nautilus review: A classy, comfy crossover 0 Tags Lexus Speaking to journalists this week at a Lexus Milestone event, celebrating 30 years of the Lexus Brand, Executive Vice President of Lexus International, Koji Sato, shared that “in 2020, Lexus will introduce the Automated Highway Teammate.”This isn’t exactly news — we’ve known that Highway Teammate was coming since it was announced at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. However, Sato did share more information about the specifics of what we can expect when this system hits the road next year.When asked about the SAE level of autonomy for the system, Sato responded: “Officially, Level 2 is the reality… starting out, the project will release at level 2 in 2020.”That means hands-off highway cruise control under certain conditions, but also the requirement for the driver to remain at attention with their eyes on the road while the system is active with some sort of driver attention monitoring in place. Similar to Cadillac’s Super Cruise system, Highway Teammate will steer itself to stay between the lane markers and adjust its throttle and braking to follow a leading car.Lexus LS+ Concept at 2017 Tokyo Motor ShowWe can expect to learn more about Lexus’ autonomous driving roadmap at the Tokyo Motor Show later this year. Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow Autonomous Highway Teammate should go a step beyond with the ability to handle highway lane changes, merging and diverging. Sato tells us that, “Our plans for the future include updating the functions for the conditions,” meaning that the system will also learn and receive updates over time, gaining new functionalities as the automaker sees fit. Sato went on to explain that Lexus sees autonomy as only part of the experience that it will offer to future drivers and that engaging, human-piloted driving will continue to be a large part of the Lexus experience. “The technology in a future Lexus will be ‘my co-pilot that helps me live my most amazing life,'” Sato continues. “We will continue to offer a human-focused Lexus driving experience. We will never forget the value of driving for luxury customers.” Autonomous Vehicles Auto Tech Post a comment Lexus 2019 Mercedes-AMG E53 Sedan review: A breath of fresh(er) air More From Roadshow Share your voice 2019 BMW M850i Convertible review: A grand tourer you’ll just want to drivelast_img read more

Juneau Prison Deals With Overcrowding By Housing Women In A Tent

first_imgA view inside the tent at Lemon Creek Correctional Center as seen from a security monitoring screen. (Photo by Lisa Phu/KTOO)Alaska’s prison population is the third fastest growing in the country, and the prisons are over capacity. The crowding problem is especially evident at Juneau’s Lemon Creek Correctional Center where half the female inmates live in a tent outside. Some of them actually like it, but it’s an indication of a problem one state senator is trying to fix.Download Audio“It kind of looks like a greenhouse from the outside,” says 29-year-old Lemon Creek inmate Catherine Fredrick. She lives in the tent. “It has bunks all in one row and we actually house more than the dorm does.”The 20 by 30 foot curved roof canvas tent sits on a raised wooden platform. You can see it as you enter the grounds of the Lemon Creek Correctional Center and it really does look like a greenhouse. When I first visited the prison, I had no idea women, up to 20 of them at a time, were living there.“It’s not as bad as it looks, you know. Sometimes it gets cold in the winter, but they allow for us to have an extra blanket if it’s really cold out. And in the summer, it’s hot,” Fredrick says.That’s when they can open a window or decide to walk outside to get fresh air. Inside the prison, it’s different.“You don’t open your own doors, it’s always keys open the doors, moving gates, you hear the clanking, you hear the keys rattling, you hear the bells going,” Fredrick says.There is one big con with the tent, though. No running water. Two porta-potties sit outside between the tent and the entrance to the prison.“The outhouse gets full quick when we have too many people, so you have to use the broom with a plastic bag on the end to push the poop down, and that’s kind of disgusting but we take one for the team,” Fredrick says.Department of Corrections Commissioner Ronald Taylor admits the living situation isn’t adequate, especially without running water. But given the prison overcrowding situation, he says he doesn’t have much choice.Catherine Fredrick at a prison event in the Lemon Creek Correctional Center gymnasium. Fredrick lives in the tent. (Photo by Lisa Phu/KTOO)“As long as the housing issues are what they are, then the tent is going to be used for that as an overflow,” Taylor says.It’s been used that way for more than 15 years. Men have stayed there before, but lately it’s been for women. Since 2002, Taylor says the number of female inmates in the state has been growing at a faster rate than males.He says the state’s primary prison for women, Hiland Mountain Correctional Center in Eagle River, recently had a daily count of 441. That’s almost 50 people over capacity.Taylor says overcrowding issues throughout the state prison system will continue to affect the situation at Lemon Creek.“When we’re able to really manage our population to where that’s no longer an issue and we can consistently stay down below our numbers in terms of the overflow, then I think that we’re not going to utilize the tent for that,” Taylor says.A December report from the state’s legislative audit division called the tent a weakness for security reasons. But inmate Veronica Parks comes back to the living standards issue. She lives in the dorm now, but remembers how she used to bang on the prison door for an hour before being let inside to shower.“We shouldn’t be holding girls in here that we can’t put inside the building,” Parks says.State Sen. John Coghill has introduced a bill that he hopes will ease the prison overcrowding issue and get more Lemon Creek inmates inside the building.His proposal would use electronic monitoring to keep nonviolent offenders and people awaiting trial out of prisons, while providing incentives for them to go to treatment programs. The bill would also cap the amount of time someone is in prison for a probation violation.“We can’t afford another jail. Where would we build it and how would we build it when we don’t have the money?” Coghill says. “So that’s the pressure to keep us being creative, to give people avenues to succeed, hold them accountable and maybe jails isn’t the best way to do it.”Coghill says he didn’t previously know about the tent at Lemon Creek, but he finds it troubling.“Just because they’re in prison doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be treated with the best dignity we can treat them,” Coghill says.But inmate Catherine Fredrick still says the tent is actually better than living inside the prison.“Living in a tent is kind of like a privilege for the jail because you get the feeling of being outside, feeling of being home when you can open your window,” Fredrick says.Of course, she says she’d rather be home with her 11-year-old son. But for now, she says home is where you make it.last_img read more

Kamareddy BJP will form govt in Telangana soon

first_imgKamareddy: BJP leader Enugala Peddireddy predicted that BJP will form government in Telangana soon, while participating in BJP membership registration at Handekeluru village, Madnoor mandal in Kamareddy district on Tuesday.Reddy said that KCR’s regime created dissatisfaction and unhappiness among government employees, farmers, students, private workers, traders and all sections of society for the past three months. He said that BJP will win in the coming municipal elections and that we would go along with the winners in every subsequent election. He predicted that the TRS government will collapse within a few months due to public discontent and the controversy about Congress coalition in Karnataka will be raised in TRS also. Jukkal constituency in-charge Aruna Tara, party district president Banala Laxmareddy and others attended the membership drive.last_img read more

DU admin wants to create terror

first_imgBangladesh Sadharan Chhatra Odhikar Sangrakkhon Parishad joint convener Nurul Haque talks to media. Prothom Alo File PhotoThe authorities of Kabi Sufia Kamal Hall of Dhaka University are trying to create terror by throwing students out of the hall, alleged Bangladesh Sadharan Chhatra Odhikar Sangrakkhon Parishad joint convener Nurul Haque on Friday.Earlier on Thursday night, hall provost Sabita Rezwana confirmed to Prothom Alo about evicting some students for spreading misleading posts on Facebook from fake accounts.Nurul Haque said, “We were informed that many students left the hall after 11:00pm. Some of them were confined in the provost’s office too.”“The authorities can take necessary action if any student does anything offensive. But they want to create terror by throwing students out of the hall in this way,” Nurul added.Parishad’s convener Hasan Al Mamun said, “Despite our full cooperation, the authorities took this decision without discussing with us. It is simply aggressive.”The authorities have expelled at least 50 students Thursday from 9:00pm, said an official of the hall.Later, Bangladesh Sadharan Chhatra Odhikar Sangrakkhon Parishad (Bangladesh General Students’ Rights Protection Council) gathered outside the hall to protest and chanted slogans against the provost.The general students of the hall were alarmed by the action of the hall authorities.Read More: Several students ‘thrown out’ of DU hallThey alleged that the hall authorities were taking action selectively against the 26 students who earlier protested against the Bangladesh Chhatra League leader Iffat Jahan Isha.The provost has threatened to cancel their studentship, bring them under surveillance and file cases against them, they said.Speaking of the allegations, Sabita Rezwana said, “We have called several students to check their cell phones. Some of them were spreading rumours on Facebook through fake accounts. We are sending them away with their legal guardians after taking undertakings from them.”It was, however, not confirmed immediately how many students were evicted from the hall till 1:00am.Prothom Alo has identified at least four of the students till now.last_img read more

Comics To Read After Seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

first_imgStay on target Today sees the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the sequel to the 2014 Marvel movie that came out of nowhere and blew everyone away. The first Guardians movie managed to be a stand out in the same year that Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier came out, which is really all that needs to be said for how monumental it felt. A zany, heartfelt sci-fi adventure, featuring a team of characters that most moviegoers didn’t know about. The movie felt like something completely new, a breath of fresh air even in the MCU. Doing a sequel to that is hard enough, but doing it as well as Vol. 2 manages to is legitimately incredible. You can watch MovieBob’s review, but the point is that Vol. 2 does manage to live up to its predecessor, although maybe not in the way you might expect. After you’ve seen this movie though, what’s next?Thankfully, there are plenty of Guardians of the Galaxy comics to tide you over until their next appearance, some of which are even on sale right now at Comixology! Here are the ones you should check out.via Marvel ComicsThe Guardians of the Galaxy team that is featured in the movies is a lot different than the team in the comics, and not just design wise. The original Guardians of the Galaxy was a team that consisted of entirely different characters, with the only character from that team featured in the movies being Yondu. That team is from the future and had their own long-running series in the 1990’s, but have most recently been known as the Guardians 3000, which had a short run recently which has been collected into one volume. The Guardians of the movie are based significantly more on the 2008 version of the Guardians, which was written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, spinning out the cosmic event known as Annihilation Conquest.Despite being a lot closer to the movie iteration of the team, the 2008 comics are still a lot different than the characters in the movie, feeling more like a bunch of space Avengers that occasionally get too rowdy with each other than they do legitimate outcasts and criminals. The series is good, and definitely worth a read if you want to get into the Marvel comic books altogether, but on its own, I don’t think it fills the craving that the movie gives. Around the time that the movie was announced in 2012, a new series was also announced to coincide with it, written by Brian Michael Bendis, as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative. The series much more closely resembled the movie version of the team, especially once the film actually released, and featured the team (and Iron Man, for whatever reason) getting embroiled in a lot of crossovers and space shenanigans. The real standouts from this line of comics were the solo series. Rocket Raccoon by writer/artist Skottie Young, and the Drax series by writer C.M. Punk (yes that C.M. Punk) and artist Scott Hepburn, all of which is some of the most fun Marvel has had with the comics medium in a long time.via Marvel ComicsMaybe as a result of starting a year and a half before the movie came out, or a lack of solid direction, the Marvel NOW! series never felt like it added up to more than superhero drama with more space action. Star-Lord dated an X-Men member, and a few other Marvel characters had short stints on the team, but beyond that, it never connected the way that the movie did. It wasn’t until recently that the movie’s influence has really had an effect on the comics, and we have gotten a lot of really great series from it. Leading up to the new movie was the Grounded line, which featured the Guardians split up after a crash landing on Earth and starring in their own series. Star-Lord by Chip Zdarsky and Kris Anka featured the space punk as a bartender teaming up with various Marvel heroes and was one of my favorite series in the past year. Rocket Raccoon by Matthew Rosenberg and Jorge Coelho followed the tech-savvy trash panda as he is forced to deal with humans and their culture, making his way on the streets. Gamora by Nicole Perlman and Marco Chechetto gave a kick ass origin for the deadliest woman in the galaxy.The most recent series for the Guardians just began last week with All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #1 by writer Gerry Duggan and artist Aaron Kuder. This first issue feels like the first team book to finally capture the essence of the movies, starting off with a bombastic space-heist filled with tons of great character moments and the perfect sense of humor to compliment the movies. It also has a hell of a first issue cliffhanger that guaranteed that I would be back for more. Issue #1 of the All-New Guardians of the Galaxy is available in stores and online at Comixology.com, and now we wait for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Toy Tuesday: The Most Astronomical Spaceship Toys11 Ways the Avengers Could Defeat Thanos in ‘Endgame’ last_img read more

Why obese women have uncontrollable urge to eat

first_imgThe findings showed that obese study participants maintained activation in the midbrain, one of the body’s most potent reward centres. However, this brain activity dropped among lean participants while continuing in their obese counterparts.“Before or after the meal, they’re just as excited about eating. It seems they have an instinctive drive to keep eating,” said Nancy Puzziferri, Assistant Professor at the University of Texas. Further, while the appeal of pictured food dropped by 15 per cent for lean women after they ate, the severely obese women showed only a 4 per cent decline. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’“Lean women when full will either stop eating or just sample a food they crave. It’s just not a level playing field – it’s harder for some people to maintain a healthy weight than others,” Puzziferri explained. For the study, published recently in the journal ‘Obesity,’ the team compared attitudes and the brain activity of 15 severely obese women (those with a body mass index greater than 35) and 15 lean women (those with a BMI under 25). Their brain activity was measured using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). After fasting for nine hours, they were asked to rate their level of hunger or fullness, and then given a brain scan as they viewed pictures of food. Again, after eating, the participants went through another battery of hunger/fullness ratings and fMRI scans while being exposed to pictures of food. The obese women showed a sustained “hungry” brain activation, even though they reported the same increase in satiation as their lean counterparts, the researchers has concluded.last_img read more

10 Ways to Put Your Retired iPhone to Work

first_imgOctober 1, 2014 This story originally appeared on Reuters Register Now » With about 10 million new iPhone 6s ordered in the initial days on the market, a whole lot of old iPhones are destined for the scrap heap. Sure, you could sell, donate or recycle your old iPhone, but you probably will not. And there are better things to do with it.One creative example: At the Missouri University of Science and Technology, a biology class is making old iPhones into microscopes. Using less than $10 worth of supplies, the old phones are mounted onto a lens and can magnify an object to 175 times its size.Even an old phone with a cracked screen can be repurposed, says Josh Smith, editor of GottaBeMobile.com. “You’re only really limited by your imagination,” Smith says.Here are 10 smart – and cheap – uses for old iPhones.1. ClockSet your old phone on a dock or a stand and use a clock app. With Standard Time ($3.99), you will have a timepiece unlike any other.With this app, your clock is a non-stop time lapse video of construction workers switching out pieces of lumber to shape the actual time. “It’s mesmerizing,” says Shawn Roberts, 47, an Oakland, California, marketing executive.You can also set up flexible alarms and get the phone to play soothing white noise as you go to sleep. Set it close enough to the bed, and it can be a sleep tracker, too, with an app like SleepBot (free).2. Music for your carTake your music library on the road. Some cars come equipped with docking ports for iPhones and have dashboard screens so you can navigate your musical options hands-free. Or you can just use the cigarette lighter for power.3. Remote control Televisions, speakers and other devices now have apps that allow users to make their iPhones into sleek remotes.Carm Lyman, 42, of Napa, California, converted his iPhone 4 into a remote for his household sound system after his iPhone 5 arrived. Lyman can control the audio levels and activate speakers in various parts of his home as well as access different music services.4. Surveillance systemApps can convert an old iPhone that has access to WiFi into a surveillance camera and motion detector. Presence, which is a free app, provides a live stream from the area you want to monitor. You can set it up to record video clips when it detects motion, too.If you buy a robotic viewing stand for about $100, you can move the camera 360 degrees rather than stick with a stationary view.5. CookbookNo need to go through recipe books or hunt around for other devices when you have a kitchen iPhone. Download a cookbook app, such as My Recipe Book (99 cents) or Big Oven (free), and just leave the device on the kitchen counter. It takes up almost no space and will hold far more recipes than any book.6. Extra storageNeed a place to store old photos and music or other files? Turn your old phone into a storage drive using a free app like USB & Wi-Fi Flash Drive.7. Voice recorderWhy buy a digital voice recorder when you have a retired iPhone? Using any of several free apps, including Voice Recorder and Voice Record Pro, you will have a designated memo recorder or a device to record interviews and speeches.8. Document scannerGenius Scan and Doc Scan are two apps that will turn an iPhone into a handy portable scanner that you can use for work, school reports, genealogical research, or recording receipts. And they will not cost you a penny.For $20 and up, you can buy a stand that makes your iPhone into a stationary scanner.9. Baby monitorSure, you can spend $100 or more on a baby monitor, or you can just set your old iPhone up to watch streaming video of your baby as well as hear and even talk to him or her.Cloud Baby Monitor ($3.99) also allows parents to receive the signal on a wireless network or on WiFi so they do not have to be within a certain number of feet of the monitor.10. Vehicle trackerWhether you need to find your car if it is stolen, record where you have traveled, or spy on your teenage driver, the built-in GPS in your phone can be used as a tracking device. An app like InstaMapper ($2.99) lets you watch the vehicle in real-time and have a record of it.Of course, you may end up taking the simple path of letting a child use your old iPhone as an iPod Touch. Keep in mind that the phone can still dial 911, even if it does not have cellular service, Smith said.You can also use your old phone as a back-up in case your new model suffers irreparable harm. That said, the battery of a phone that sits in a drawer unused could drain to the point where it is no longer viable.(Editing by Lauren Young, Beth Pinsker and Lisa Von Ahn) 5 min read Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goalslast_img read more

Neural Networks Need a Cookbook Here Are the Ingredients

first_imgWhen we design a skyscraper we expect it will perform to specification: that the tower will support so much weight and be able to withstand an earthquake of a certain strength.But with one of the most important technologies of the modern world, we’re effectively building blind. We play with different designs, tinker with different setups, but until we take it out for a test run, we don’t really know what it can do or where it will fail.This technology is the neural network, which underpins today’s most advanced artificial intelligence systems. Increasingly, neural networks are moving into the core areas of society: They determine what we learn of the world through our social media feeds, they help doctors diagnose illnesses, and they even influence whether a person convicted of a crime will spend time in jail. Within the sprawling community of neural network development, there is a small group of mathematically minded researchers who are trying to build a theory of neural networks—one that would explain how they work and guarantee that if you construct a neural network in a prescribed manner, it will be able to perform certain tasks.This work is still in its very early stages, but in the last year researchers have produced several papers which elaborate the relationship between form and function in neural networks. The work takes neural networks all the way down to their foundations. It shows that long before you can certify that neural networks can drive cars, you need to prove that they can multiply.The Best Brain RecipeNeural networks aim to mimic the human brain—and one way to think about the brain is that it works by accreting smaller abstractions into larger ones. Complexity of thought, in this view, is then measured by the range of smaller abstractions you can draw on, and the number of times you can combine lower-level abstractions into higher-level abstractions—like the way we learn to distinguish dogs from birds.“For a human, if you’re learning how to recognize a dog you’d learn to recognize four legs, fluffy,” said Maithra Raghu, a doctoral student in computer science at Cornell University and a member of Google Brain. “Ideally we’d like our neural networks to do the same kinds of things.” Yet “the best approximation to what we know is that we know almost nothing about how neural networks actually work and what a really insightful theory would be,” said Boris Hanin, a mathematician at Texas A&M University and a visiting scientist at Facebook AI Research who studies neural networks.He likens the situation to the development of another revolutionary technology: the steam engine. At first, steam engines weren’t good for much more than pumping water. Then they powered trains, which is maybe the level of sophistication neural networks have reached. Then scientists and mathematicians developed a theory of thermodynamics, which let them understand exactly what was going on inside engines of any kind. Eventually, that knowledge took us to the moon.“First you had great engineering, and you had some great trains, then you needed some theoretical understanding to go to rocket ships,” Hanin said. Lucy Reading-Ikkanda/Quanta MagazineBeyond those general guidelines, however, engineers largely have to rely on experimental evidence: They run 1,000 different neural networks and simply observe which one gets the job done.“These choices are often made by trial and error in practice,” Hanin said. “That’s sort of a tough [way to do it] because there are infinitely many choices and one really doesn’t know what’s the best.”A better approach would involve a little less trial and error and a little more upfront understanding of what a given neural network architecture gets you. A few papers published recently have moved the field in that direction.“This work tries to develop, as it were, a cookbook for designing the right neural network. If you know what it is that you want to achieve out of the network, then here is the recipe for that network,” Rolnick said. To Rope a Red SheepOne of the earliest important theoretical guarantees about neural network architecture came three decades ago. In 1989, computer scientists proved that if a neural network has only a single computational layer, but you allow that one layer to have an unlimited number of neurons, with unlimited connections between them, the network will be capable of performing any task you might ask of it.It was a sweeping statement that turned out to be fairly intuitive and not so useful. It’s like saying that if you can identify an unlimited number of lines in an image, you can distinguish between all objects using just one layer. That may be true in principle, but good luck implementing it in practice.Researchers today describe such wide, flat networks as “expressive,” meaning that they’re capable in theory of capturing a richer set of connections between possible inputs (such as an image) and outputs (such as descriptions of the image). Yet these networks are extremely difficult to train, meaning it’s almost impossible to teach them how to actually produce those outputs. They’re also more computationally intensive than any computer can handle. Boris Hanin, a mathematician at Texas A&M University, has studied the tradeoff between depth and width in neural networks.Intel AI One Tree StudioMore recently, researchers have been trying to understand how far they can push neural networks in the other direction — by making them narrower (with fewer neurons per layer) and deeper (with more layers overall). So maybe you only need to pick out 100 different lines, but with connections for turning those 100 lines into 50 curves, which you can combine into 10 different shapes, which give you all the building blocks you need to recognize most objects.In a paper completed last year, Rolnick and Max Tegmark of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology proved that by increasing depth and decreasing width, you can perform the same functions with exponentially fewer neurons. They showed that if the situation you’re modeling has 100 input variables, you can get the same reliability using either 2100 neurons in one layer or just 210 neurons spread over two layers. They found that there is power in taking small pieces and combining them at greater levels of abstraction instead of attempting to capture all levels of abstraction at once.“The notion of depth in a neural network is linked to the idea that you can express something complicated by doing many simple things in sequence,” Rolnick said. “It’s like an assembly line.”Rolnick and Tegmark proved the utility of depth by asking neural networks to perform a simple task: multiplying polynomial functions. (These are just equations that feature variables raised to natural-number exponents, for example y = x3 + 1.) They trained the networks by showing them examples of equations and their products. Then they asked the networks to compute the products of equations they hadn’t seen before. Deeper neural networks learned the task with far fewer neurons than shallower ones.And while multiplication isn’t a task that’s going to set the world on fire, Rolnick says the paper made an important point: “If a shallow network can’t even do multiplication then we shouldn’t trust it with anything else.”center_img Papers like Johnson’s are beginning to build the rudiments of a theory of neural networks. At the moment, researchers can make only very basic claims about the relationship between architecture and function—and those claims are in small proportion to the number of tasks neural networks are taking on.So while the theory of neural networks isn’t going to change the way systems are built anytime soon, the blueprints are being drafted for a new theory of how computers learn—one that’s poised to take humanity on a ride with even greater repercussions than a trip to the moon.Original story reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine, an editorially independent publication of the Simons Foundation whose mission is to enhance public understanding of science by covering research developments and trends in mathematics and the physical and life sciences. Other researchers have been probing the minimum amount of width needed. At the end of September, Jesse Johnson, formerly a mathematician at Oklahoma State University and now a researcher with the pharmaceutical company Sanofi, proved that at a certain point, no amount of depth can compensate for a lack of width.To get a sense of his result, imagine sheep in a field, except these are punk-rock sheep: Their wool has been dyed one of several colors. The task for your neural network is to draw a border around all sheep of the same color. In spirit, this task is similar to image classification: The network has a collection of images (which it represents as points in higher-dimensional space), and it needs to group together similar ones.Johnson proved that a neural network will fail at this task when the width of the layers is less than or equal to the number of inputs. So for our sheep, each can be described with two inputs: an x and a y coordinate to specify its position in the field. The neural network then labels each sheep with a color and draws a border around sheep of the same color. In this case, you will need three or more neurons per layer to solve the problem.More specifically, Johnson showed that if the width-to-variable ratio is off, the neural network won’t be able to draw closed loops—the kind of loops the network would need to draw if, say, all the red sheep were clustered together in the middle of the pasture. “If none of the layers are thicker than the number of input dimensions, there are certain shapes the function will never be able to create, no matter how many layers you add,” Johnson said. Abstraction comes naturally to the human brain. Neural networks have to work for it. As with the brain, neural networks are made of building blocks called “neurons” that are connected in various ways. (The neurons in a neural network are inspired by neurons in the brain but do not imitate them directly.) Each neuron might represent an attribute, or a combination of attributes, that the network considers at each level of abstraction.When joining these neurons together, engineers have many choices to make. They have to decide how many layers of neurons the network should have (or how “deep” it should be). Consider, for example, a neural network with the task of recognizing objects in images. The image enters the system at the first layer. At the next layer, the network might have neurons that simply detect edges in the image. The next layer combines lines to identify curves in the image. Then the next layer combines curves into shapes and textures, and the final layer processes shapes and textures to reach a conclusion about what it’s looking at: woolly mammoth!“The idea is that each layer combines several aspects of the previous layer. A circle is curves in many different places, a curve is lines in many different places,” said David Rolnick, a mathematician at the University of Pennsylvania.Engineers also have to decide the “width” of each layer, which corresponds to the number of different features the network is considering at each level of abstraction. In the case of image recognition, the width of the layers would be the number of types of lines, curves or shapes it considers at each level.Beyond the depth and width of a network, there are also choices about how to connect neurons within layers and between layers, and how much weight to give each connection.So if you have a specific task in mind, how do you know which neural network architecture will accomplish it best? There are some broad rules of thumb. For image-related tasks, engineers typically use “convolutional” neural networks, which feature the same pattern of connections between layers repeated over and over. For natural language processing—like speech recognition, or language generation—engineers have found that “recurrent” neural networks seem to work best. In these, neurons can be connected to non-adjacent layers. More Great WIRED StoriesWhy your phone (and other gadgets) fail when it’s coldThe threat that the US can’t ignore: itselfThe Arctic village with satellite TV but no running waterA “multicultural toilet” and other innovations to fix flyingFyre Festival docs dissect attendees’—and your—FOMO👀 Looking for the latest gadgets? Check out our picks, gift guides, and best deals all year round📩 Want more? Sign up for our daily newsletter and never miss our latest and greatest storieslast_img read more

Russian Deputy FM reiterates Moscows firm support for Cyprus talks

first_imgRussian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Aleksey Meshkov on Friday reiterated Moscow’s firm support for Cyprus negotiations in Cyprus.He was speaking after a meeting, at the foreign ministry in Nicosia, with Permanent Secretary, Ambassador Alexandros Zenon.Meshkov said that Russia, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has always taken into consideration the position of the Republic of Cyprus, when voting on relevant resolutions. He added that Moscow “will be around” when needed.On his part, Zenon stressed that the Russian Federation is a key player regarding the Cyprus problem and other international issues, as a permanent member of the Security Council.“We consider Russia a strategic partner of the EU and a partner in a number of international problems” such as Syria and the fight against terrorism,” he added.In their statements, the two men said they also discussed bilateral relations, Cyprus-Russia cooperation in international fora and other issues of mutual interest.Zenon said that they also examined issues of legal cooperation, trade, tourism, pending agreements and cooperation in international organizations and fora. They also reviewed the situation in Ukraine, EU-Russia relations, and the Cyprus Chairmanship of the Council of Europe.You May LikeTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndoFigLeaf Beta AppFigLeaf brings You 3 Easy Steps to Privacy on Your Terms…FigLeaf Beta AppUndoGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementCardiologist: This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat GlutenGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

C the paper wrote

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“That should be left for the president to decide. among others. Bengaluru (girls) team beat Chennai (girls) 41-38 while in the second final Delhi (boys) defeated Kolkata (boys) 81-71. Adityanath also asked the district authorities to register an FIR and take action against the guilty. the coupleboth oncologists at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houstondecided they needed to do more. and the incidence rate jumped to more than 2 cases per 1 million people. Alison Wright—Corbis Corazon Aquino, A seaside Florida community almost wasted thousands in city council dollars trying to dampen what they thought was the noise of municipal utilities. In fact,上海夜网Robert, Giger and Ron Cobb’s work.

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and unbalancing me one more time. Songs of praise and thanksgiving are yet to stop flowing from the lips of a 60-year-old woman and 19 others who narrowly escaped death as a storey-building collapsed yesterday in Abeokuta, " he said. APGA. They keep a stillborn’s body temperature cool,BJP national secretary Rahul Sinha state president DilipGhosh and other office bearers of the party today met seniorCBI officials at the Nizam Palace CGO complex Bengal BJP party president Dilip Ghosh Twitter "A new senior CBI officer joined here on Wednesday So we met himand requested him to see that the investigation into the chitfund scam gains pace in the days to come We have alsorequested him to look into the role of some senior governmentofficials who have been accused of removing evidencein thescam" Sinha said? it was revealed that Innoson had petitioned the National Judicial Council (NJC) over Justice Mojisola Dada, Asia,上海龙凤419Chinyere, As he invited criticism for saying he will continue to appear on the show," according to a statement of policy included in the law.

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The ballots have been cast and the votes have been counted Pakistan’s High Commissioner in New Delhi Sohail Mahmood made the remarks during an event held at the country’s chancery to mark the country’s 72nd Independence Day.” This article originally appeared on Fortune.According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, as well as key members of Congress. and right now our first priority must be restoring the public’s trust in our institution, this has never been about what anybody had to say at the Capitol on March 4, Ideally, More than five years ago, ET on NBC. The statement said: “We at the ACF feel saddened and really disturbed with the invasion of Damaturu by Boko Haram insurgents resulting in the killing of innocent people and destruction of property.

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