Nanocade lets your netbook become a mini MAME arcade cabinet

first_imgIf you’re anything like me, then you don’t just have a single PC in the house. I have a netbook and a couple of small nettops too. Eventually they get replaced with new, faster machines and the old ones either get given to friends and relatives or the parts reused or sold.But now I have another alternative for this hardware: I can turn a netbook or a Mini-ITX system into a mini MAME arcade cabinet complete with buttons and joystick.The cabinet comes in the form of a kit called Nanocade. It took Project Mame about 60 hours to design the 29 pieces of acrylic that form the tiny cabinet. The end result looks great though, and just needs to be combined with a 10.1″ netbook or mini-ITX PC and display.Even so, if you want one of these it isn’t going to be cheap. No firm price is set yet, but the aim is to ship it for less than $300 including shipping. It comes with all the acrylic parts and a steel joystick bracket with nuts and bolts. You’ll have to go out and buy the following to complete the cabinet:Joystick and/or with encoder (like the UltraStik 360)Arcade buttons 24 mm from Sanwa or SeimitsuAdhesive for acrylic like Acrifix, Weld-on etc.The kit will go on sale at some point this month with shipping available to most countries. There’s also a custom front-end available using MALA FA which looks pretty sweet:Read more at Project Mame, via Engadgetlast_img read more

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