Chance Logan Clark GoFundMe Recovery Fund

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – 14-year-old Chance Clark, on the morning of January 22nd, 2019 when crossing the intersection of 85th Ave and 86th Street was making his way to school when he was struck by a vehicle.Clark, being admitted to the FSJ Hospital in a critical state, was flown to the Vancouver Children’s Hospital. His injuries would include, shattered femurs, a broken pelvis and multiple broken ribs.According to the GoFundMe set up to help Clark’s recovery, his first surgery on January 24, had to be aborted mid-operation due to respiratory distress. Pins and external braces were temporarily put into place until his condition stabilized. Due to the complications of the first surgery, Clark is slated for another surgery on Tuesday, January 29, where he will have rods installed through the center of his femurs.Clark has been in and out of consciousness since the accident, able to speak to his parents for a few minutes at a time before blacking out again.Until he is further stabilized, doctors are not able to provide a recovery timeline to Clark’s parents. He has undergone 2 CT scans and is presently waiting for his condition to improve to undergo an MRI.The GofundMe goes on to express the driver of the vehicle did the right thing – he immediately called emergency services and stayed with Clark until they arrived. He is cooperating with the police and very remorseful.To view the GoFundMe; CLICK HERElast_img read more

De Gea Used Real Madrid to Get New Deal: Fans React…

Rabat – Following David De Gea’s decision to sign a new contract with Manchester United, fans of the Red Devils took to Twitter in order to troll Real Madrid for failing to sign the Spain international.David De Gea signed a new four-year contract with Manchester United this Friday, completing an incredible U-turn. After having been on the verge of joining Real Madrid last, now he’s on course for four more years at the Old Trafford.Following this epic U-turn, thousands of the Red Devils’ fans took to Twitter to taunt Real Madrid, with one user writing that the goalkeeper had used Real to land a lucrative new deal. David De Gea used Real Madrid to get a new deal at Manchester United. I’m lovin it… ???????? #WoodwardThat— Der Fußballgott™ (@Schweinmaster) September 10, 2015#DaveStays — Manchester United (@ManUtd) September 11, 2015Another said: “Epic news: David de Gea signs new Manchester United contract. Real Madrid’s side of the story looking weaker each day.”Epic news: David de Gea signs new Manchester United contract. Real Madrid’s side of the story looking weaker each day. #Mufc— Paul Backhouse (@BackmanBegins) September 11, 2015Real Madrid fans right now ???? #DAVESTAYS #Daviddegea— Saud – ?????? (@Saud_Barcaa) September 11, 2015British media outlets referred to David De Gea’s new contact as a “win” for Manchester United. Daily Telegraph said: “The Spain goalkeeper’s decision to sign a four-year deal is a victory for the club and the player.”Real Madrid’s pursuit of David De Gea — Mallenahalli (@SemperFiUnited) September 11, 2015On the other hand, Real Madrid are reported to be the big losers, and are feeling let down by De Gea’ decision to snub them.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more

Surge in number of migrant boats – and deaths – in Gulf

In the first two months of this year, 182 boats carrying 8,713 people arrived in Yemen, with at least 113 people perishing during the voyage and over 200 missing and presumed dead, UNHCR spokesperson Ron Redmond told reporters in Geneva. Two dozen boats with 2,946 people crossed the Gulf of Aden in the first two months of 2007, with 139 people losing their lives and 19 having gone missing. The surge in crossings this year is partly a result of the use of new smuggling routes, with smugglers having started bringing people across the Red Sea from Djibouti, as well as the more traditional route from Somalia. Although some routes are new, the smugglers’ tactics have not changed, with people paying an average of between $130 and $150 to travel on small, fast boats, while those making the journey on crowded, bigger vessels spend between $50 and $70. The voyage can take from 12 to 36 hours, depending on the weather, as well as the smugglers’ knowledge of the water conditions and routes. Passengers are sometimes forced overboard or an alternate route is taken if smugglers encounter patrol boats or see coast guards upon arrival. “The armed smugglers are often brutal,” Mr. Redmond noted, with smugglers last month on two boats, together carrying more than 300 people, forcing passengers to disembark in deep and rough waters. A total of 182 people safely reached the shore, while 36 drowned and 84 others remain missing. “The new arrivals told us that the smugglers had severely beaten the passengers on the boat and taken their money and clothes by force,” he added. “One person – severely traumatized by the beating – jumped overboard and drowned.” An additional three people died from asphyxiation and dehydration, and others had also been stabbed. All of the injured were tended to by staff at UNHCR’s May’fa reception centre in Yemen. The agency has been appealing for bolstered efforts to prevent deaths in the Gulf of Aden and other bodies of water. Since last year, it has stepped up its work in Yemen as part of a $7 million operation by providing extra staff and more shelter for refugees in the Kharaz camp. 4 March 2008The number of migrants making the hazardous journey across the Gulf of Aden to Yemen has spiked this year, but so too has the number of deaths, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported today. read more

Students stay up for the environment

Students will stay up all night for a cause this weekend.How Can You Sleep at Night? is an overnight Student Life and Community Experience event where students learn about issues affecting the planet. Participants collect pledges to stay awake learning and discussing topics such as:climate changeglobal warmingwater conservationfood sustainabilityAll proceeds go to the David Suzuki Foundation.Lee Norton from Climate Reality Project Canada, Jane Hanlon of Climate Action Niagara and a representative from the student group DIG (Develop, Integrate, Grow) will be guest speakers.The event starts Saturday, Jan. 28 at 7 p.m. in Pond Inlet and goes until 7 a.m. the next morning. Register for free here. read more

Brown Bag Lunch series continues March 20

If you’re hungry and have a thirst for learning, head to TH 253 on Thursday, March 20 at noon for the latest Service Learning Brown Bag Lunch.Madelyn Law, assistant professor in the Department of Health Sciences, will discuss the I-EQUIP program.Law developed this program to help students and health systems’ staff advance their learning about health care quality and to participate in creating effective change that will enhance patient outcomes.

Friday the 13th keeps on rolling

PORT DOVER – Chris Simons recalls hearing a story long ago about a group of motorcycle enthusiasts in Kansas who tried to get a bike event going on Friday the 13th.They managed to pull off a few before authorities cracked down and ended it.During a presentation Thursday at Grace United Church in Port Dover, Simons recalled how police set up barricades on every road into the county and turned away everyone on a motorcycle.That was the end of Kansas’s experience with Friday the 13th motorcycle rallies. It was also the end of this county’s opportunity for a spectacular boost in tourism.Simons, 66, was attuned to stories like this when he was younger because he had received shabby treatment all his life for riding a motorcycle.Back in the 1970s — before riding was hip – young people who rode motorcycles were considered sketchy at best and criminal at worst. Simons says the harassment was constant.“If you went to Tim Hortons in Brantford, they’d chase you off the lot,” Simons said. “If you tried to go into a bar, they wouldn’t let you in because you had a helmet. I had a friend who rode his motorcycle from Port Dover into Simcoe. He was pulled over three times. Just crazy stuff.”On the basis of these experiences and more, Simons and other like-minded riders came together to form the Bikers Rights Organization (BRO). Simons was in charge of the BRO newsletter which went out to 800 riders at its peak.Simons is the latest speaker in the Norfolk Historical Society’s Gallery Series. Nearly 50 people turned out to hear him reminisce Thursday night.Simons’ family moved from Brantford to Port Dover in 1963. He will be remembered as the driving force behind the Friday the 13th motorcycle rallies in Port Dover.What began as a few dozen friends gathering at the Commercial Hotel on the night of Nov. 13, 1981, has exploded into an event that attracted 200,000 people and 15,000-plus motorcycles last July.There is no sign of the rallies slowing down and Simons believes they will stabilize in the range of 150,000 or so people during peak events.Simons recalled how Port Dover was rocking in the 1960s and 1970s when big-name bands were playing the Summer Garden at the Walker Street beach.The town’s vibrant social scene began to flag however in the late 1970s. When Simons convened that first gathering at “The Zoo,” he did so because the town was dead on weekends and he missed his friends.“So that’s how Friday the 13th started,” Simons said. “It was a drunk.”That revelry has evolved into a huge money-maker for Norfolk County and surrounding area. Simons noted that fleets of armoured vehicles can be seen scurrying around Port Dover on the weekend after the main event.On the day of a nice ride, enterprising groups stage drop-in meal events along the main routes for riders as they make their way into Port Dover. On a nice Friday the 13th, people for miles around will set out lawn chairs and watch the parade of motorcycles roll by for hours on end.When Simons was finished speaking, some wondered why Norfolk County has done nothing to acknowledge that Port Dover is home to one of the largest one-day motorcycle events in the world.Dale Hopkins knew little about Port Dover when he rode in from Cambridge during a Friday the 13th event in 2013.What Hopkins saw persuaded him that he wanted to live in Port Dover and soon after he made his move. He wonders why there isn’t gateway signage into town declaring Port Dover the motorcycle capital of Canada.“Why don’t we have something like that?” he asked. “You can’t tell me there is resistance to putting up a sign. This event has brought millions of dollars into this town. As far as I’m concerned, this needs to be acknowledged.” read more

UNESCO welcomes safe release of two French reporters in Iraq

“Free and independent media play an important role in the working of democracy and, in view of the forthcoming elections, it is essential that journalists, from Iraq and elsewhere, be able to work safely in the country,” UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura said yesterday after Christian Chesnot, a freelance journalist for Radio France and Radio France International, and Georges Mabrunot of the newspapers Le Figaro and Ouest-France, were freed.They were captured by the Islamic Army in Iraq on 20 August. According to the International News Safety Institute (INSI) more than 60 news media personnel – journalists and support staff such as drivers and translators – have died covering the events in Iraq since last year’s war.Condemning the shooting death on 16 December of Deyda Hydara, managing editor and co-owner of Gambia’ independent newspaper The Point, Mr. Matsuura saluted his longstanding commitment to freedom of the press.”Mr Hydara devoted his professional life to press freedom as a journalist, editor and non-governmental organization activist. His death is a great loss,” he said of the journalist, who was also a veteran correspondent of Agence France Presse (AFP) and of the international press freedom organization Reporters Without Borders.It was the latest of many condemnations Mr. Matsuura has issued in recent months over the murder of journalists in various parts of the world. read more

Private sector can help Africa advance if it shares profits say participants

The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) held a meeting at UN Headquarters in New York to discuss Bending the Arc, a programme designed to engage the business community in accelerating Africa’s achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).Legwaila Joseph Legwaila, the Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Africa, told a press conference after the meeting that “we all agree the private sector has a key role to play in Africa’s future.”But Firmino Mucavele, chief executive of NEPAD, warned against any “abuse of corporate-social responsibility,” citing the recent dumping of toxic waste in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, that has led to at least half a dozen deaths, as an example.“This is possible when you are an undeveloped country – when you don’t have the institutional capacity to verify if all the corporations are following procedures, rules and codes,” he said.Asked why many of NEPAD’s activities were not better known in Africa, Professor Mucavele described it as a slow but growing process.“We are advancing; not at a rate we would like to, but advancing. We are now in Uganda, very silently solving the problem. We are in Côte d’Ivoire, we are in Chad, in Sudan, already in Mozambique, in Angola, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Things are moving. That’s NEPAD in action.” read more

Calgary mayor makes stop at Brock for Congress panel

From left: Alan Broadbent, chairman and founder of Maytree foundation; and Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi today (May 29) at Congress 2014.Calgary’s Mayor Naheed Nenshi stopped by Congress at Brock today to weigh in on the hypothetical question, “if mayors ruled the world?”His appearance was part of a panel that also featured Alan Broadbent, chairman and founder of Maytree foundation; Christopher Hume, Toronto Star urban affairs reporter; Andrew Sancton, professor of political science, Western University; as well as American political theorist and author Benjamin Barber.The session was a response to Barber’s Big Thinking lecture from earlier in the day, “If Mayors Ruled the World: Is the City Democracy’s Best Hope?” based on ideas raised in his 2013 book, If Mayors Ruled the World: Dysfunctional Nations, Rising Cities.The session, organized by professor Livianna Tossuti and chaired by professor David Siegel from Brock, was part of the University’s “Congress Plus” cultural and academic program for Congress 2014.Nenshi opened his remarks by noting the last time he attended Congress was four years ago, just one week after he decided to run for Mayor of Calgary.“So I made the announcement and then I went to Montreal to deliver a paper,” he told the crowd of more than 80 people gathered in the David S. Howes Theatre.Nenshi then shared his perspectives on some of the major themes put forth by Barber in both his book and his talk from earlier in the day.The first was the idea of post-partisanship at the municipal level.“I always thought that the line was original to me, that it is neither a left-wing nor a right-wing idea, that the snow should be cleared off the street,” said Nenshi. “And I read in Dr. Barber’s book that lots of mayors have said that for a long, long, long time.”He noted that at the municipal level in bigger Canadian cities, debates tend not to be motivated by ideological or partisan beliefs, but rather based on financial reality. What works? What doesn’t work? How much money do we have in order to do this?In response to right-versus-left partisanship, Nenshi noted: “Those kinds of questions are just not relevant to peoples’ lives. The only people who care about that are people in journalism, political science, professors and the media.”“If you look at my twitter feed you’ll see that I am excoriated every day for being a socialist or a fascist. I get to be both,” he said. “And I think that that is really the way we need to move in the world, and unfortunately the ways in which the other orders of government are not moving.”On the issue of diversity in major urban centres – another key point in Barber’s book – Nenshi notes, that at the municipal level, “we don’t have the luxury to have policy debates about immigration and diversity.”“It exists, and it is unambiguously good,” he said. “Our cities work because we attract talent from around the world. And our job as people in cities is to ensure that everyone has a dignified opportunity within our cities.” read more

Ohio State womens volleyball takes 2 in Cincinnati

Sophomore middle blocker Taylor Sandbothe (10) and junior outside hitter Katie Mitchell (17) go for a block during a match against FGCU on Sept. 5 at St. John Arena. OSU won, 3-1.Credit: Emily YarcuskoThe Ohio State women’s volleyball team took two of three matches at the Millennium Hotel Invitational to improve to 6-3 on the season.OSU first beat Syracuse University (5-4) on Friday, before losing to Ohio University (6-3) and then bounced back to defeat Xavier University (6-3) in its final tournament game.In the third game of the invitational against host Xavier, the Buckeyes had to fight their way to victory as they defeated Musketeers in five sets (17-25, 25-21, 25-19, 24-26, 15-11).Sophomore middle blocker Taylor Sandbothe led all players in kills with 18. Senior outside hitter Erin Sekinger contributed 16 kills and junior outside hitter Katie Mitchell had 12. Sophomore libero Valeria León led all players with 20 digs and freshman outside hitter Luisa Schirmer added 10 of her own.In their second match of the weekend and first on Saturday, against coach Geoff Carlston’s former team, the Buckeyes lost to the Bobcats in four sets (26-28, 22-25, 26-24, 21-25).Sekinger led the Buckeyes in total kills with 16 and added two digs. Sandbothe had 14 kills with five digs and four blocks, while Mitchell added 11 kills, two digs and a block. León and Schirmer each had 18 digs, while senior setter Taylor Sherwin added 40 assists.In their first game of the invitational against Syracuse, the Buckeyes were tested, but came out winners in a five-set victory against the Orange (25-22, 20-25, 25-13, 23-25, 15-8).Five Buckeyes recorded double-digit kills as Sandbothe led all players with 20. Junior outside hitter Elizabeth Campbell followed with 16 kills, five digs and two blocks. Sekinger had 13 kills, while sophomore outside hitter Kylie Randall had 12 and Schirmer had 11. León led all players in digs with 23, while Sherwin had 18 and Schirmer had 17.Sandbothe and Sekinger were both named to the Millennium Hotel Invitational all-tournament team. Sandbothe has been named to all-tournament team in each of the three tournaments the Buckeyes have competed in this season.The Buckeyes are scheduled to head to Oxford, Ohio, next weekend as they are set to compete in the Miami University Invitational. OSU is scheduled to play the University of Alabama at Birmingham (3-7) on Friday at 4 p.m., followed by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (4-7) on Saturday at 10 a.m. and Miami (Ohio) (5-4) at 7 p.m.The Buckeyes are set to open Big Ten play on Sept. 24 at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minn. The match is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. read more

Compensation claims against the HSE rocket to €85 million in one year

first_imgPAYOUTS FOR PERSONAL injury and property damage claims against the HSE doubled last year, new figures reveal.Damages paid out by the State Claims Agency (SCA) in 2013 increased by more 55 per cent compared to 2012Responding to a parliamentary question, the Minister for Health outlined that more than €197 has been paid out in the past three years for claims against the HSE.The Medical Independent details that this consists of: €64 million in 2011.€47 million in 2012.€85 million in 2013.As with previous parliamentary questions on the State Claims Agency, Minster James Reilly said the agency had a “strong record” of cost reduction.“For example, the SCA achieved significant savings on claims and related legal costs associated with the management of clinical claims in 2013,” Minister Reilly said.The Minister noted that “an independent actuarial assessment projected that” the Agency would need €154 million to meet claims and related costs last year.Savings“The net cost, taking account of successful recoveries from third parties, was €119.7 million, a saving of €34.3 million,” he said.The agency handles compensation claims against state bodies.It was revealed last month that it has over €1 billion in outstanding liabilities, consisting of 5,755 active claims.Read: Claims agency has over €1 billion in outstanding liabilities >last_img read more

Electroluminescent paint makes your bike light up the night

first_imgIf you’re familiar with electroluminescent paint, then you probably have a much higher quality of life than those who are unaware of the amazing glowing substance. Those rad flames you painted on the side of your El Camino and that wizard standing atop a mountain on your windowless van are tough to see in low-light conditions, like when you’re following a band around the country. With Lumilor electroluminescent paint, though, your detailed collage of Calvin peeing on various automotive brand symbols can now be a shining beacon of artistic freedom as you drive down a dimly lit highway.The coating is spray-able, and can comfortably conform around compound curves to form solid, uniform layers of paint. By applying an electric current, the coating emits light, looking almost as if the images are computer-generated.The coating isn’t the paint used to create the image itself, but rather a layer that mixes with the normally painted image, which then causes the art to light up. The light doesn’t require a dimly-lit environment to shine, as it works just fine under street lights, but it will appear more crisp when displayed within darkness.At the moment, the company that created LumiLor, Darkside Scientific, has four available colors of the coating. Green and blue, which are reportedly the brightest, and white and orange. The white is said to be better for showing off colors like red and yellow, but can be mixed with just about any color to offer some amount of glow. The orange would also mesh well with similar colors, like reds and yellows. The light will even show through a chrome paint, but admittedly not nearly as stunningly as the brighter colors displayed above.The biggest challenge with LumiLor isn’t mixing the colors, but figuring out exactly where to wire up the paint job in order to provide it with a current. You wouldn’t want wires sticking out of your finely detailed hog, so you have to plan accordingly.Darkside claims that the product isn’t just limited to vehicles, which makes sense, considering all the paint needs to glow is something to stick to and an electric current. Perhaps LumiLor could be the next step in customizing fancy PC battle stations, and you could show off your sweet Gabe Newell portraiture that adorns your gaming rig’s case at your next LAN party.Check out Darkside’s site for more information, and for more videos the electroluminescent paint in action.last_img read more

Sex tapes shake Greek Orthodox Church update

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Former chancellor of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, Father George Passias has been removed from his parish after the revelation he had an affair with his much younger god-daughter.The high-ranking Greek Orthodox priest starred in several kinky sex tapes with Ethel Bouzalas, a Peruvian woman married to a Greek man with whom she has three children.Passias baptised the woman before she married Tom Bouzalas and has been her mentor since.When Passias took the helm of the Wadsworth Avenue church in 2006, Bouzalas came with him as his assistant. He called her his ‘spiritual goddaughter’, and they arrived and left together every day. Within a few years she was promoted to parish-school principal, even without having proof of education.The 67-year-old Washington pastor, who has four children from his marriage impregnated his 45-year-old also married lover who also assumed church treasurer duties.Meanwhile, Passias spurred furore when he imposed his strict rules to all women of the parish who were forced to cover their heads with long shawls. In 2013, Passias had been accused of having an affair with the women who was reportedly seen sitting on his lap.“I walk out one night and his so-called assistant was sitting on his lap in his office,” Harry Torres, a former church handyman and superintendent said.He had then told the The Post that “the allegations were cooked up by a group of evil-minded people” of the parish who wanted him gone.“They have been saying I’m having a private affair with her,” he said. “She is a goddaughter to me. That’s it.”Several, members of the parish were worried about the management of four church-owned apartment buildings and a constant flow of funds being allocated into repairs at the school which never happened.Financial overseers were removed, and Mrs Bouzalas became a signatory on church bank accounts.The priest had once again denied everything calling the allegations “filthy lies.”The firm that managed the church’s four apartment buildings, worth $15 million, was replaced with one tied to Alma Bank, where the church turned for cash and a mortgage refinance totaling $2.5 million in 2009.Asked why the church had ignored the longtime allegations of the affair, the bishop said, “Lacking any concrete evidence of an affair, there was no responsible way the church could take any further action.”However, Ethel Bouzalas’ husband came forward and provided the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, with proof of the affair.The same cleric who had once ordered female worshipers to cover their heads during confession, starred in shocking sex videos, without a hint of modesty.In one scene, he watches his ‘god-daughter’ crush a banana bread with her bottom on top a bedside table, wearing stilettos.In another video Bouzalas rubs her feet on the priest’s face whilst recording him and then he performs oral sex on her.The videos and photos of the pair were provided anonymously to The Post last week with a letter saying they were downloaded off a computer in Passias’ church office. The sender wrote that a private investigator had been hired to tail the couple to their rendezvous in motels in New Jersey and upstate Cold Spring.Bishop Andonios Paropoulos, the current chancellor of the Greek Orthodox church in the United States, was the first to disclose the affair, after Ethel Bouzalas’ husband, e-mailed him.Following the revelation Passias was suspended on 16 September “as per the sexual-misconduct policy of the archdiocese.”Bishop Andonios told the newspaper he had not seen the sex tapes however he “found out of their existence during meetings with both parties.” Father George Passias watches as Ethel Bouzalas crushes a baked good as part of a fetish act.Passias then sent an e-mail to his parish saying he was leaving for “personal and health reasons,” whilst confessing to “multitudinous sins and shortcomings.”“I will now fade out of this world for a considerable time according to God’s will,” he wrote. “He has chosen for me . . . that I should retire and follow the way of silence, prayer, fasting, and ­utter devotion to our Lord.“Please do not ask where I am going and where I will be. Then it would not be possible for me to fulfill what is my lot.”Parishioners at the Manhattan church showed little support on Sunday for their disgraced former pastor, who got the boot for knocking up his married goddaughter.The pews were emptier than usual Sunday at St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church in Washington Heights, which was led by the Rev. George Passias before his downfall.“He used to be a good priest, he talked nice and everything. He got people into church,” said Nicholas Karaniaks, 68, who has been praying at St. Spyridon over the past 36 years. “Now it’s more empty, because the scandal scares people away.”Parish Council President Steve Papadatos said he was “completely blindsided” by the details of Passias’ perverted private life.“I had no idea this was happening,” Papadatos said. “Everyone’s shocked.”Source: The Postlast_img read more

Jamaica Fire Brigade focused on children for Fire Safety Week

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Jamaica, October 25, 2017 – Kingston – The Jamaica Fire Brigade (JFB) is observing Fire Safety Awareness Week from October 22 to 28 with a number of activities that are targeted at children.   Assistant Superintendent of the Kingston and St. Andrew Fire Prevention Division, Nicholas Ogilvie, told JIS News that children play a significant part in the brigade’s strategy to reduce domestic fires.   He contends that when children are taught about fire safety they will pass on the techniques to their parents and peers.“One of our key stakeholders is children. When you get an opportunity to teach them they will help to reinforce that information. It’s like training the trainers,” he pointed out.He noted that each fire division and station across the island will be engaging schools in a number of activities.“They (students) will not be there as spectators.   They will be competing in how to use a fire extinguisher, how to do basic first aid and how to do search and rescue,” he informed.The week of observance, under the theme ‘Empowering our People for a Fire Safe Jamaica’, got under way with a church service at Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre on Waltham Park Road in Kingston.Other activities for the week include disaster risk-reduction expositions in May Pen, Clarendon; Lucea, Hanover; and Port Maria, St. Mary.   On Friday (October 27), a fire-safety exposition will be held at the Waterfront, downtown Kingston from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.Assistant Superintendent Ogilvie is encouraging Jamaicans to participate in the expos in order to increase their knowledge about fire safety.Release: JISlast_img read more

Veteran Educator Community Advocate Joe Darville PMs Promise of Land a 41Year

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, February 16, 2018 – Grand Bahama – Joe Darville remembers the first time he proposed that every Bahamian be granted a plot of Crown Land at age 18.  “It was 1977 and I had just moved to Freeport to take up my post as principal of Catholic High School,” said the veteran educator and respected community rights and environmental advocate.   “The Bahamas was barreling toward a drug-involved culture. Drugs were infiltrating every level of society and I was sick about what I saw ahead – poverty, neglect, delusion, corruption, a widening gap between the haves and have-nots, a disrespect for law and order.”But Darville, ever the faith-based optimist, also saw a solution.“Make Bahamians owners of their own land and they would look after their country,” he says.   “Sixty percent of all the land in The Bahamas is Crown Land and successive governments have been trading it for a song to lure foreign direct investment.  I am not opposed to foreign investment.  We are a small nation and we need people from abroad who have vision, ideas and the wherewithal to carry them out.   But we also need to make Bahamians owners and the only way to do it for many who will not be able to afford to buy land, especially when they are young, is to offer that land as a grant and see how becoming a landowner changes people, making them stronger, more confident, more responsible.  They feel as though they belong.”Crown Land grants for Bahamians was a plea at Darville repeated for four decades, through his years as a high school principal, vice president of the Bahamas Union of Teachers, founding member and past president of the Bahamas Counselors’ Association, founding member of the Grand Bahama YMCA, chairman of the Bahamas Humane Society, more recently chairman of Save The Bays.This week, Darville heard the words he had waited half a lifetime to hear.“When the Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis announced that government would provide lots for under $30,000, a reduction of 70% of the market price, as part of its ambitious housing program and land reform initiatives, I wanted to jump up and shout congratulations.  This could be one of the most significant moves any government could ever make.  We do not know the details yet, how many lots, where they are, what size, any payment or loan arrangements so we await word on that but in principle, the move to make Crown Land available at reasonable rates to a broad base is a dramatic turn that will have tremendous positive benefits.”Darville offered two suggestions to maximize the initiative.“I would ask that the PM take into consideration the fact that even $30,000 may be out of reach for some and provide delayed payment plans or outright grants based on earning potential and individual interviews,” he said.   “I would also urge government to grant one-acre plots in the Family Islands to give recipients pride of ownership, open windows of opportunity and help revive our beautiful family islands.”The prime minister made the announcement this week during a tour of The Pointe development, Bay Street.“There are many Bahamians who want to own homes,” he said.  “Unfortunately, today, the average home may cost anywhere from $180,000 and up.  That is very cost prohibitive to the average Bahamian, and therefore we are introducing this program.  We would hope that we have lots available right after the new budget [in] May/June.  Those lots will be sold with all the infrastructure, amenities attached to it and be sold at a very, very low price.  The only thing I can say is that there’d be – I don’t want to give the exact cost – but to give you a ballpark figure, I can say they will be definitely be less than $30,000.”Darville, who has won numerous awards for civic leadership, said one of the important components of the promise of land ownership is duty exemption on construction materials for first time homeowners, predicting an economic boost for contractors.“But the most important outcome is that those who were once on the outside looking in will now feel a part of the mainstream,” he said.  “Home ownership changes how you view everything around you – your neighbours, your neighbourhood, the school in your area – they all become part of your world.  For those who have always lived behind the warm wall of wealth, it is hard to imagine how cold it is on the outside.  I commend Dr. Minnis and his team for taking this important step toward true land reform and hope that it is carried out especially in the Family Islands so young people can return to their roots and develop the land of their heritage and of their hearts.” Related Items:last_img read more

City commissioners vote in favor of facility for physically impaired beachgoers

first_imgMIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – A building battle in Miami Beach now has the support of the city’s commissioners.Commissioners voted six to one, Wednesday, in favor of a request by a non-profit organization to make it easier for people with physical challenges to enjoy the beach.“Honored, proud, excited to vote yes. Congrats, Sabrina Cohen,” said Miami Beach Mayor Phillip Levine.The Sabrina Cohen Foundation wants a permanent beach-side facility to store specialized equipment, but some residents are opposed to it.“However, we do not wish to have a brick and mortar building in what is now a parking lot, and we do not wish to interfere with those people who are currently using the beach,” said one resident in protest.The 10,000 square foot facility will take over part of a parking lot, resulting in the loss of 20 of 139 parking spaces.“When we talk about access to the beach, that’s a different conversation, or it’s not the same conversation as what we’re talking about, which is the logistics of putting a 10,000 square foot facility in a relatively small parking lot,” said Miami Beach commissioner Michael Grieco. But it was the six-to-one vote that gave this non-profit charity the approval it needed.“I’m so proud of my city that we’ve been fighting a long time for this, and they got it right, so I couldn’t be happier,” Cohen said.“I’m honored, I’m privileged, and this commission’s honored and privileged to be able to vote for this amazing thing,” Levine said.There is a commitment to building the facility at this site. There will also be an additional meeting in September to discuss the fundraising benchmarks and management for the facility.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Unalaska Residents Weigh In on Aleutian Climate Trends

first_imgStudy facilitator Chris Beck looks over audience members’ votes on what kind of seasonality changes they’re seeing in Unalaska. (Photo by Annie Ropeik/KUCB)Scientists know that the climate in the Aleutian Islands is changing. But they’re making observations from a distance — while on the ground, the story is sometimes very different.Download AudioThat’s what a team of researchers found earlier this month in Unalaska, when they talked to locals about the climate change they’re seeing in their own back yards.About 40 people packed into Unalaska’s Museum of the Aleutians to answer a simple question:Chris Beck: We’re wondering, if — particularly for those of you who’ve been here for a while, or you’ve heard through other folks — you’ve been seeing changes or have heard of changes in the local environment that seem to go beyond the normal range.Beck is a facilitator for the Aleutian and Bering Climate Vulnerability Assessment. It’s being done by the government groups and nonprofits who make up the Aleutian-Bering Sea Islands Landscape Conservation Cooperative, or ABSI-LCC.Beck got a few clear messages from his audience — that yes, the weather’s getting warmer and wetter, and some fishing seasons are moving around. But when he asked more detailed questions, like about wind patterns or new kinds of bugs, people’s observations were all a little different:Frank Kelty: You know, we’ve had white Thanksgiving for the past couple of years. But traditionally, we used to play softball and it’d be snowing on Memorial Day. And we haven’t seen that type of event.Bobbie Lekanoff: Last year, if you walked out front here, you would have seen about 40 whales. This year, not a whale.Suzi Golodoff: We seem to be seeing more algae blooms, more red tide, much more frequently.Jeff Dickrell: I’ve seen jellyfish, but I’ve never seen the abundance of them. And I know people on the research vessels that are going out for pollock trawls and pulling up nothing but jellyfish.Lekanoff: Everything everybody’s saying is showing how variable it is.In fact, the main thing the audience agreed on was that they couldn’t agree for sure on what was changing, or why. And that impressed University of Washington meteorologist Nick Bond, who’s part of the ABSI research team.“Those questions were designed to get at some of the data we only have in anecdotal form,” he says. “Especially people noticing types of spiders they hadn’t seen before, let’s say. I thought that was fascinating.”People were also quick to recognize that climate change may not be the only factor affecting things like fisheries and wildlife. Karen Pletnikoff, of the Aleutian-Pribilof Islands Association, is the chair of the ABSI steering committee.“Knowing that we have all these different variables, and understanding what people’s priorities are and what their perspective is, helps us frame those questions in a better way,” she says, “so we can get the information that people really need to be able to make management changes or protect themselves from the impacts.”For the Unalaska audience, the most visible changes were in air temperature and precipitation. They were most concerned about the health of their fisheries — commercial and subsistence. And they were worried about increased vessel traffic, as melting sea ice opens up new shipping routes in the Arctic.But residents weren’t exactly panicking about all the unknowns surrounding climate change. Nick Bond, the meteorologist, says that’s a good thing.“In some of the public lectures that I give about climate change in the Pacific Northwest, where I’m based, people will [go], ‘What’s the answer? Just tell me what’s going to happen.’ And when I tell them I can’t, then they go, ‘Well, get out of here,’” he says. “But here, the audience, I think, appreciated the uncertainties, and that we can’t say … anything like that with a great deal of specificity.”Bond says folks in the Aleutians are more “tuned in” to their environment. They’re seeing climate changes firsthand — and they can tell how tough those changes are to quantify.“Here, it’s just kind of in your face all the time — this morning, rain was blowing into my face, anyway,” Bond says. “And so I think there’s that appreciation for the importance of it, and everybody is so reliant on it. It’s a little bit different if you live in Phoenix, and you go from your air-conditioned house to your air-conditioned car and office, and you’re kind of removed from it. So I think that connection is partly why people can appreciate what’s happening.”Bond and the research team are planning a Q&A like they did in Unalaska for the Pribilof Islands, too. The anecdotes that all the region’s residents have to offer will help the ABSI group tailor their report to the people it affects the most — those who live and work in the changing place. The draft of their vulnerability assessment is due out in February.People can get in touch with the research team and offer their own input at To see more of Unalaskans’ responses to the ABSI team’s questions, click here.last_img read more

Mount disc images with ImgDrive

first_imgMount disc images with ImgDrive by Martin Brinkmann on September 28, 2016 in Software – 5 commentsImgDrive is a free program for devices running Microsoft’s Windows operating system that allows you to mount up to seven disc images on the PC.Mounting disc images can be quite useful. First, it may be the only option you have if your computer does not have an optical drive.Second, doing so speeds up operations such as reads, and it will also protect the actual discs from use.And last but not least, you may mount multiple disc images at the same time, something that you — usually — cannot do as most PCs are equipped with one optical drive.ImgDriveImgDrive works for the most part like any of the other programs that you may use for the purpose. You can check out our overview of virtual disk mounting programs for Windows here.The program sits idly in the system tray area on launch after installation. You may interact with it there, or directly from Windows Explorer.A click on the icon displays the menu that you see on the screenshot above. It lists the available virtual drives at the top and options below that.If you move the selection over a mounted drive, options are displayed to mount another image or to unmount the current one, to browse the data on the disc, or to run the eject tray command. Also, a list of previous disc images is listed there for quick access.Options include changing the number of available drives — the default is one virtual drive — and to unmount all drives that are mounted currently.You may want to check the settings at least once. The program is set to run on start of the Windows operating system and to check for updates frequently. Both options can be disabled on the general page of the settings window.The integration tab lists whether Windows Explorer shell integration is enabled, and if it is, the file types that are supported by it.The application can mount iso, ccd, cue, isz, mds and nrg images. This is not as extensive as some of the other available programs out there. DVDFab Virtual Drive for instance supports several other formats, img, bin or dvd to name some, which ImgDrive does not support right now.This does not necessarily have to be an issue depending on your requirements. If you work solely with iso images, then it does not really matter which formats the application supports besides that format.The shell integration in Windows Explorer allows you to right-click on supported disc files to get an option to mount them to one of the available virtual drives. This may be faster depending on how you use the computer.Closing WordsImgDrive is an unobtrusive program to mount virtual discs on machines running Windows. It is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows 2000 onward.Summary12345 Author Rating4 based on 1 votes Software Name ImgDriveOperating System WindowsSoftware Category ProductivityLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

Tamarindo Talk

first_imgThere is now a beautiful miniature golf course right here in Tamarindo. Located just past Dragonfly Restaurant on the road immediately behind Hotel Pasatiempo, the 18-hole mini-golf called Bolas Locas is open for family and friends seven days a week from 9 a.m.-11 p.m. The attraction is reasonably priced, at $7 for adults and $5 for children under 10. Want to check it before heading over? Go to CEPIA honcho Laetitia Deweer who has been selected as a Fellow of the Central America Leadership Initiative (CALI), a branch o the Aspen Global Leadership Network. She will represent Costa Rica along with three others, and share her experiences in social progress as well as her vision about the economic and social development of this country and Central America.Be aware that Ciclo Corea, the bike shop in Santa Cruz, has a branch in Villareal to sell bicycles, accessories and do repairs as well as organize tours. You will find the place at the cross from Tamarindo to Villareal. Email or call 2653-4679 or 8917-9654.-Ellen Zoe Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more