2015 China’s e commerce transaction volume will reach 18 trillion

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, May 4 – Ministry of industry and information technology, the 4 release of the Internet industry in the development plan in 12th Five-Year. The plan, "12th Five-Year" in China during the period of extensive application of collaborative research and development design, customization marketing based on Internet, and the popularity of e-commerce network of financial deepening, 2015 e-commerce transaction volume reached 18 trillion yuan.

at the same time, highlight the fundamental role of the Internet in the social development and people’s livelihood in 2015, Internet companies direct employment of more than 2 million 300 thousand people, and promote greater employment growth, the Internet public management and social service ability based on improved significantly.


plan, "12th Five-Year" period, the backbone of China’s total bandwidth than the "11th Five-Year" period increased 10 times, reaching 300Tbps, interworking quality has reached the international advanced level, the international Internet bandwidth growth reached 5 times of 6.5Tbps, overseas POP backbone network reached 100. The backbone of the full support of IPv6, the main commercial sites, educational research sites and government websites to support IPv6. IDC space layout to further optimize and upgrade the technology, after the transformation of the PUE value of 2 and strive to achieve the following, the new IDC cloud computing data center PUE value of less than 1.5.

at the same time, Internet service revenue grew by more than 25% per year, breaking through $600 billion. Emerging services as the main growth force, producer services have increased significantly. The formation of a number of core technology, with international influence of the Internet backbone enterprises, as well as a number of innovative active, distinctive characteristics of small and medium enterprises. The breakthrough of mobile intelligent terminal operating system, cloud computing and emerging Internet application technologies, improve the ability of independent development of Internet core network equipment, intelligent terminal, basic software, core chip industry. The Internet business and the application of standardization system established, the next generation Internet standard system gradually complete, cloud computing, IDC standard has made substantial progress, a breakthrough Chinese domain name, domain name security analysis and other resource standards, network information security standards to meet the safe operation to significantly strengthen the influence of international standards.

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