How to understand word of mouth marketing

we have to admit that the complexity of modern marketing tools have been to let every marketing master are confused. Especially this one of the most basic problems: how to spread your brand? Philip · Kotler made several confusing marketing manager of the issue, there is also a very basic: advertising costs more and more high, but the effects are more obvious. Yes, with the diversification of advertising tools, advertising technology continues to develop, how to do advertising is not a simple problem

we must seek a breakthrough in the complex.

perhaps, the simplest and the most stupid way but will have unexpected effect.

with the Internet technology, word-of-mouth marketing is the most primitive way and play a role in the arena.

word of mouth is the most primitive human marketing advertising. Before the shop, the name has not appeared, it exists in reality. But in the enterprise of the overwhelming advertising, intensive commercial bombing today, word of mouth marketing seems to have been a lot of businesses, businesses, marketing elite forgotten and abandoned.

let’s look at the progress of marketing tools. In fact, the evolution process of information transmission.

first step, through word of mouth. An interesting topic, an item that can help people. All information is transmitted through the language and action between two people. The transfer tool is language. The way of transmission is scattered.

second steps, the invention of the text and a large number of paper applications. The change of information carrier brings about the change of information transmission mode. People transmit information to break the limits of language. Can also use paper and pen.

third step. The large-scale application of printing. The transfer of information can be achieved in a large scale in the form of text.

fourth step, television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other modern media era of widespread communication. The arrival of the era of large-scale information dissemination.

fifth step, the emergence of the Internet and the emergence of the network forum. Large-scale transfer of information at the same time, but also allow individuals interested in the topic can be super speed spread.

in the era dominated by traditional media, personalized topics must be spread through standardized media. In fact, only the news published in the newspaper is the real news. However, in the Internet era, a lot of personal topics have been able to publish without a standardized media. Thus, a new era of word of mouth has come.

so, we have to pay attention to the problem of word of mouth marketing. In fact, even if the exclusion of the factors of the Internet, word of mouth marketing also has enormous power. Starbucks is one of the most successful cases. They are never advertised, but through word wide, Starbucks has become synonymous with high-end coffee shop, so he has been successful. >

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