How to get directional flow

today, the Internet has penetrated into all areas of our lives, according to official statistics, the number of China users has exceeded four hundred million, a new network economy era is coming, which people have millions, or even more, so, net station so much, is how to operate their own website, by what means to promote your web site, today we have to talk about many website promotion way is very important in the promotion of a directional flow promotion method.

website promotion is an important part of the website operation, directional flow promotion is very important in website promotion promotion, especially for the sale of the site, can obviously improve the directional flow conversion rate, more conducive to the sales of the products, the value of directional flow can be used for the unit price of Baidu for example, many of the key words the price is 1-10 yuan a IP, is very expensive, so, what is the directional flow, how can we obtain the directional flow of


directional traffic is a visitor through the search engine to enter keywords or to see an ad, feel for their own needs and visit your site, so as to give your site the flow of traffic. Web site traffic is usually directed flow (not absolute), they take the initiative to visit your site every day is to see the contents of the station.


Why is

SEO, personally think that SEO is the best way to get directional flow, because its cost is the lowest, but the effect is indeed the most for a long time, not only that, through the search engine to flow is the directional flow, also is the potential customers, for example, enter the SEO in Baidu or Google, is to understand the SEO, learning SEO, if your site is doing SEO training, and be able to put the word "SEO" in Baidu or Google home page, I want you to do it, there is no shortage of customers. SEO is actually very simple, but many people regard SEO complicated, as long as the master some of the key issues (such as regular quantitative update original articles, Links etc.), good execution, the effect will come out soon, Guizaijianchi!

two. Bidding

bidding bidding course is paid, the more common bidding Baidu PPC, Google AdWords, the quality of the directional flow of bid is very high also, but there is a premise, that is for you to grasp the key words and the choice of the skill set, select and set the key word there are many skills. If you don’t understand the skills, blind to choose and set keywords, then may result is brought to you, all the money, the customer did not come to a few, directional flow is getting too little, white money wasted, so I suggest before selecting and setting keywords, first do a simple test, if the conversion rate is relatively high, and vigorously promote too late, on the contrary, if your conversion rate is very low, it is your choice of keywords and problem set. >

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