Baidu alliance push patch ads for video and gaming sites


for the Baidu alliance patch advertising management background interface (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology news (Li Ledong) April 9th afternoon news, Baidu website alliance announced today, for video sites, games, such as the launch of the site click billing "patch promotion" service. This is also the theme of Baidu since February this year, the theme of the suspension of advertising, launched the latest advertising model for partners.

, according to Baidu official introduction, the promotion is in front of the video display or online game when the game is displayed as a promotional information, more common in the small game, video and video sites and some video on demand software. This form is currently paid by clicking.

it is reported that the promotion of the patch due to a special time point, so that it has a certain mandatory audience, coupled with a unique display position, so it is easier to get high click through rate and high yield. In addition, customers are willing to pay a higher promotional costs for this ad.

at present, Baidu website alliance is not fully open to partners this model, but the invitation system, only invited members of the alliance to launch. Time has not yet been established for all members.

Baidu also requires: approved partners in the placement of promotional ads, the theme of the patch length of not less than 5 seconds. The test found that the appropriate extension of the display time will enhance the liquidity. However, it is recommended to display no longer than 10 seconds, so as not to affect the user experience. In addition, the theme patch should be placed in the middle of the playback window, is strictly prohibited to squeeze and cover the contents of the promotion.

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