B2C site collective transformation of the Department Store after the development of deposit

"Beijing daily" published an article today "B2C website" department store "collective needs 10 years of transition period", pointed out that many domestic mainstream vertical B2C website (such as Jingdong, Amazon, store dangdang.com, red child, Vancl (Eslite) etc.) are integrated to the online store transformation. However, in my opinion, these vertical B2C site department store transformation is not more strategic considerations, but for the needs of the existing survival. Now, there is little doubt that the B2C model has a bright future, but the road is long".

compared to the traditional B2B or C2C site, B2C site construction is a more complex project, not a short duration of time, which can be accomplished by one fifteen. Large B2C sites need to realize the seamless integration of information flow, logistics, capital flow, the need for brand, service protection, the need to reduce the cost of procurement and inventory. Therefore, the B2C model, the site is just a brand promotion and product sales channels, an external form, the more complex part of the essence lies in the fact that the line, is the substance of things.

because of this, the success of the B2C site first in a series of "infrastructure" under the premise of perfect, and infrastructure construction needs time, manpower, material resources and accumulation. B2C mode of competition is more like a marathon race or an all-around game, in short, B2C is very close to the Internet, but also far from the internet.

is a leader in Jingdong or mall, or other well-known B2C site, can not avoid the problem is: the huge investment like being thrown into the bottomless pit, while for the fame, but not a substantial profit. As Ma’s saying "today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but most people died in tomorrow night, can not see the sun the day after tomorrow!", must adhere to the B2C website to see "the sun of tomorrow", or before all the efforts will be turned into a bubble.

B2C site to adhere to see the rise of the sun is not easy, the most critical is the need for adequate money as a guarantee. Although the Internet industry seems to be no shortage of angel investors, venture investment, strategic investment, but people get short hand to eat other people’s mouth short, blindly rely on external transfusions to heteronomy; on the other hand if you can not solve the money problem, more investment is spent the. Therefore, on the one hand, the B2C website needs to cultivate its own brand, to build a complete channel and industrial chain system, to improve their services; on the other hand, have to achieve self hematopoietic.

for a long time, in our impression, Jingdong mall is selling 3C products, Dangdang is selling books, Vancl is selling shirts. It can be said that the positioning of these B2C sites has become a brand, a user loyalty. When we want to buy mobile phones, laptops on the Internet, we will think of Jingdong mall; want to buy books online, we will think of Dangdang; want to buy a shirt on the Internet

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