BAT in the field of video Tencent adhere to the contents of the abacus in the market

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BAT in the field of video the abacus Tencent adhere to the market next year to change the content of

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The Alibaba

group announced the full acquisition of Youku potatoes a month later, in November 9th, the two sides have jointly announced the acquisition of Youku potatoes shares signed the merger agreement, the final agreement decided Ali will be an all cash form, about $4 billion 500 million acquisition of Youku potatoes group.

network video industry has gone through 11 years, after years of burning, 2015 is the network video industry reshuffle, rapid change in a year.

reporter noted that in the past month, BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) video were announced 2016 development strategy, the difference is behind the video industry from the layout of the content, service strategy to business model in the formation of their own location.

recently, Tencent Inc vice president Sun Zhonghuai to the "daily economic news" reporter, said, "in 2016, the biggest challenge is to boost the Tencent video advertising revenue model outside, as soon as possible so that the industry has entered a positive cycle." In his view, next year will usher in three minutes of the world, BAT’s annual turnover of three video services should be ten billion magnitude, may still not a profit, the negative cycle of the industry is also difficult to prosper long.

expects the industry to pay a scale of 1 billion

next year

next year, Tencent video will adhere to the ‘self’, ‘copyright’ and ‘user experience’ three core strategies to build the ecosystem. In terms of self-control, will continue to seize more top-level IP resources, and the establishment of an exclusive cooperation with the international content resources brand. However, at home and abroad, the top film IP is not cheap, like Transformers is basically tens of millions of yuan." The answer given by Sun Zhonghuai, the rich will continue to throw money into Tencent video content for the market next year.

has always been the main content of the content of the major video platforms constitute the main body, in order to attract users, video sites need a large number of rich content, various forms of video resources. Therefore, video on demand has become the major video sites a hotly contested spot. Buy a good film and television works copyright, video site can not be avoided and more choice in recent years, video sites are striving to achieve cooperation with television.

it is worth noting that, relying on the support of the Tencent pictures, video Tencent also announced from the beginning of 2016 in cooperation with Hongkong TVB. Provides a total of 2500 episodes including 600 year drama, set for Hong Kong fans.

addition, variety show "Vitoria’s Secret Fashion Show" was also 2016 copyright, Tencent won, and many Hollywood movie new media exclusive copyright including the "007" movie series, the big Tencent once again to continue to buy the copyright content and production of homemade content attitude.

industry insiders believe that the purpose is to win the Hollywood program is to

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