College students venture 3 years to win a market share of 70%

Guo Kejiang is a graduate of College students. But he went out of business, took only two months, put the initial investment of $about 400000 earned back. In less than 3 years, the market share of 70%.

is also in the business, a lot of college students does not go smoothly, the success of Guo Kejiang, how to bring enlightenment to us?

to find Shengzhou City Ren of flower plant tissue culture, is easy. The Institute of annihilation in a large ordinary residential building, to go to it, and ultimately turn seven where. Later found that, in fact, is the 4 floor of the Guo Kejiang house, the house of more than and 120 square meters.

these, from a personalized mobile phone pendant.


Guo Kejiang kernel of flower plant tissue culture was founded in early 2005. At that time, he graduated from the Jinhua Institute of bioengineering, Department of horticulture, less than half a year. At this time, the vast majority of his students, and his choice of professional counterparts in the garden design institute or some construction units, the work is very stable, the income is not bad.

did not follow the crowd, but chose to "go it alone", in fact, Guo Kejiang made such plan in school. Upfront investment of all the money is invested, spent a total of 350 thousand yuan. Tu Jia is not very rich, the money for them, not a small number. What is called plant tissue culture, the textile machinery repair parents do not understand.

the such a large sum of money to just out of school, and there is no social experience son hand, he assured?

almost even electricity can’t afford to pay

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