What do the most profitable business profit cockfighting breeding

Rural Entrepreneurship in fact to some extent has a unique advantage. Ask what the most profitable business in rural areas, cockfighting aquaculture should be very reliable choice. Here we take a look at how to do a business.

cockfighting feeding culture technology and methods

The following points:

the chicks hatched after first days generally do not feed feed, water supply, environmental temperature as the second day feeding chicks; boiling water soaked millet and cooked egg, can also be fed with a small amount of water soaked in sesame; third day feeding cooked egg, boiled water soaked millet and green vegetable based diet, and appropriate feeding insects and a small number of grains. At this point still need to pay attention to heat preservation, appropriate amount of exercise and sunlight, and its growth and development. After 30 days, appropriate to increase the feeding amount of insects and grains, while increasing outdoor exercise time and sunlight, contribute to the normal growth of chicks.

for hatching in early spring around the joy, the need to pay attention to changes in weather and heat preservation during brooding chicks; in order to successfully grow, folk and night increasing illumination, in order to prolong the chicks feeding time, beneficial to accelerate growth.   chickens at 45 days of age, weight up to 0.5 kilograms, male and female chicks have been easy to distinguish, now need male and female grouping feeding, favorable growth. 75 day old chicks began to grow rapidly, especially the growth of bone to increase the mineral feed in the feed (meal) and insects, folk customs, soil element and locust cicada feeding etc.. The male chicks began to enter the growth stage, (Tel: 13466773311) growth from fighting injury effect, need to choose single cages, folk developed wider Vitex cages in captivity, every day outside the cage free activities in the early time, afternoon and evening, a total of 3~4 times, but shall not be required to strictly control and hen mating also, the need to prevent the strong conflict between. 270 day old chicks, feather Qi Qi, basic physical growth stereotypes, you can begin to start fighting training.

A variety of

how to choose

must cross hair short and thin, reduce the chance of being a bit. Small head and straight eyes deep, thick and big feet straight, cockspur developed. Prudent manner, don’t touch.

this big wins game.   from the nature of aggressive cockfighting domestication to chicken red hair. There are three main varieties of Luxi game each color: green (black), red (purple), white, yellow, otherwise: Persimmon and other variegated flowers.

plumage blue green, shiny black satin, velvet feather on the back in the white part, forming the outer Heilibai, commonly known as snow clouds. Cock tail has 3-4>

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