Line out the champion planting industry billionaire

said adventure.has, it seems that are not fake, now have a good industry to be able to help you create a harmonious enterprise, to build a better future, planting industry, in fact you not surprised, the following examples can be a good description of the problem.


after the money of the farmers began the first round of international expansion, will be extended to the surrounding vegetable planting base close to the consumer market in Fujian, Guangdong focus on the city, such as Shenzhen around Huizhou, Quanzhou and Xiamen next to the Zhangzhou near Fuzhou Ningde. In the process of expansion, and the rent is a difficult and important part of. There is no clear land policy in the China government, relatively low education level of farmers do not mean the contract environment; Ma Chengrong adopted a top-down approach. Now planting what the most money? With the township, village first in prestigious people approached by him with the farmer communication; then with each voluntary rental households signed by cadres to testify; and ensure that every farm has grown up from a farmer’s manager, responsible for dealing with the township the village cadres and villagers to fight; to ensure the stable development and operation of planting base.

now planting what the most money? Well in high quality and stable supply of vegetables, there is a very important.

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