Would like to open a restaurant knowledge to understand

the world is simple but also complex, to see if you would like to use a view of what to see, like catering business, perhaps perhaps simple complex, but absolute catering business is not as simple as you think, want to do food, to understand these basic things.

would like to open a restaurant knowledge to understand

first, the site to be expensive, as long as the right

are aware of the importance of the location of the catering business, many people do not consider the actual situation, blindly put their store to the most prosperous place, do not consider the surrounding consumption income and the preferences, he opened a popular restaurant shop, the daily income is not a deposit, it becomes siyaomianzi living death this choice is not as good as that in a more suitable snack street, so it is important to choose.

second, know your target group

you only let people eat food, a consumption process is not complete, only your dishes to meet consumer tastes, consumers love, the restaurant you have repeat rate, but the catering entrepreneurs have to understand that you can’t lock all consumers, be sure to lock a part of consumers, according to the consumer preferences to create their own dishes and features.

third, fully understand your store

the location of the shop is on the one hand, the choice of shops is also a very important thing, catering entrepreneurs should have a clear understanding of the basic situation of the store, such as water supply, power supply, store area, network and other basic conditions should have a clear understanding of their own, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

fourth, the license must be full of

in real life, restaurants often sublease the lease, the contract is signed and often middleman landlord, so before signing the contract, may require the other party to provide certificates, know the specific circumstances of each other, lest the pit.


above is the catering business franchisees need to pay attention to, as the food trust of you, to avoid the


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