Eat rice boiled potato dig pot eleven golden week farmhouse consumption

Eleven golden week, our province tourism is very popular, many scenic one-day reception visitors broken million, the main tourist attractions of Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery and other traffic overflowing. High occupancy rate. With the increase of self driving tour, tour, scenic spots around the farmhouse, also ushered in a bumper harvest. During the National Day holiday this year, the outskirts of the city has become a popular way to travel a lot of people, of which, close to nature and green ecology as the main selling point picking tour, farmhouse most popular.

in the safe area of East Sea city, with several fishing, picking a new farmhouse built by the public favor. Zhao Ping an area near the farmhouse reception, October 1st to 5, his home every day full, every day a net income of nearly 1000 yuan. Zhao told reporters that the summer his family rooms are not idle, every day there are guests. In their village, like Zhao home this farmhouse in the minority, they are gradually to experience the benefits of tourism development.

in Qilian and Menyuan area, many farmhouse also ushered in many visitors to appreciate the local autumn. A villager Zui Zhen Hui Autonomous County Qingshi mouth Qingshi village Menyuan told reporters that he mainly engaged in mutton, boil rice and other local special snack, since the opening in June of this year, net income has exceeded 30 thousand yuan, it is more than a year to earn him.


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