Teach you to choose a small hot pot to join the golden section

11 months of winter season, whether friends or family travel, all love to shop for the reeky Hot pot dinner, Hot pot shop business ushered in the year of the most popular season. What brand of hot pot shop this year the most prosperous? Of course it’s a little hot pot!

Hot pot store location?

rotary small Hot pot store location

1, rotating small pot shop location factors:

in the site before, we must choose a convenient operation and development of the region, this is the location of the premises. In the site selection should take into account the level of economic development, cultural and educational impact, market competition, the location of the planning characteristics, the advantages of the hardware and software environment and other factors.

2, rotating small pot shop location principles:

second to implement the principle of proximity. In other words, to facilitate transportation, convenient communication, easy access. Located in or near the business district, economic zone, cultural zone, development zone, the road is smooth, the customer is easy to " close to "

third to environment supporting the place. The external environment to form a climate, other stores catering to the Hot pot mixed operation, such as ", " food street; " ", Hot pot city; at the same time to promote their comprehensive facilities, a variety of business combination, the formation of scale;

3, rotating small pot shop location and layout:

how to rotate the small Hot pot store location? The principle of determining location, in the implementation according to the following points: the choice of local population, gathered, traffic convenient places, commercial outlets concentrated in specific location, peer gathering, special port. Layout should also consider the following ideas: diffusion, aggregation, competition, multi sectoral coordination.

rotary small Hot pot store location requirements and the general Hot pot store location is not much difference, but more development potential than the general Hot pot shop. Open a small hot pot franchise, must be the right location, in order to truly achieve full year no off-season.

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