Black boss into a local government to control the local government to do the earth emperor

is obviously the underworld boss, but become a high sounding deputies. Shanxi province Lvliang City Fangshan County Zhang Zhixiong for many years in the local swagger before others to become the actual controller of the grass-roots political power.


2004, Zhang Zhixiong by bank employees returned to Dawu town cadre of village poverty alleviation. In December of the same year, Zhang Zhixiong forced shares of Fangshan County in gaojiagou village run Caiwang Yan Dawu town of Xin Mining Co. Ltd., then beat Yan Caiwang, exclusive Xin Mining Co. ltd..

During the operation of


2013 in August, Zhang Zhixiong was appointed as the Dawu town Party committee and government Guojiagou, gaojiagou village houses and 3 rich bauxite resources as deputy head of the working group area, responsible for handling the contradictions caused by mine bauxite mining, prevent the villagers petition. Zhang Zhixiong by election rigging, and recommended to get rid of

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