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[introduction]: breast cancer occurred in 45-70 years old women. Breast cancer is also a manifestation of breast mass, mostly cobblestone shape, round or oval. They are as hard as stone, and the surface of the tumor is not smooth, the activity is poor, and it is easy to adhesion with the skin and surrounding tissues.

daily chest 200 times immunity can enhance

first, from 21 PM to 23 when the lights. People have 5 sleep peaks a day. The first peak is at 23 in the evening. After missing, only in the second peak – at about 2 in the morning sleep, more importantly, when the arrival of the peak of sleep, the immune system’s ability to repair the strongest. If you can not fall asleep before 23, easily lead to decreased immunity to induce disease. Second, the morning barefoot or wear shoes in the grass on the Loess take 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Daily contact with a large number of electrical appliances, the body of electromagnetic waves. Walking barefoot or wear shoes, the electromagnetic wave can be excreted by the body Jiaoban conduction.

second, rub the thymus every day by hand 200 times. The distance between the thymus and the lower finger of the neck is about four fingers. Hollow fist in the back of the thymus to rub the body can enhance immunity.

what good woman touch the chestIn fact, most women have

fiber cyst, but often is because a lot of people know the cyst is a common problem, so even feel cyst also less attention, but the fiber cyst has benign, malignant, is also very easy to be confused with mastitis, breast cancer, plus, because common see more slowly, it will turn a blind eye, so that is not a negligible fiber cyst situation, take care of yourself, you should have the courage to face their problems, not because of shyness and fear.

touch detection

1, observe

standing, his arms hanging on both sides, to observe the breast shape, whether the normal arc profile becomes irregular, there is no peel like pits, or there is a small lacuna, when there is no extrusion fluid from the nipple overflow.



first touch the breast, and then touch the armpit, with the middle finger and index finger of the abdomen, along the direction of a comprehensive examination of the breast.

3, lying check

lying in bed, with the nipple as the center, with the pulp in a clockwise direction close to the skin to do circular massage. Check the force should be uniform to the finger can touch the ribs is appropriate.

4, will put

in the head under the armThe breast tissue under the arm of

will move to the center of the chest, with the left hand to check if there is a lump in the right breast, touch a little harder, so that your hand will be closer to the breast tissue and easier to touch. Same method for left breast.

In addition to

often touch, make friends, love to help you feel, may rummage irregularly, to found the problem.

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