8 little stories to inspire entrepreneurs thinking

on the road of entrepreneurship, why some people are easy to succeed, some people easily fail? A very important reason is that there is no entrepreneurial thinking, entrepreneurial thinking is easy to succeed, no entrepreneurial thinking is easy to fail. Look at the following 8 small stories, I believe will bring some entrepreneurial inspiration entrepreneurs.

1, someone asked the farmer, "have you planted the wheat?" Farmer: "no, I’m afraid it won’t rain." The man asked, "did you plant cotton?" Farmer: "no, I’m afraid the worm ate the cotton." The man asked again, "what did you plant?" Farmer: "nothing, I want to make sure it’s safe."

[a], inspired and unwilling to pay the risk averse people, without a single success is a natural thing for him.

2, a small town, a businessman opened a gas station, the business is very good, the second came, opened a restaurant, the third opened a supermarket, this will soon be prosperous. Another town, a businessman opened a gas station business is particularly good, the second came, opened second gas stations, the third, the vicious competition we have not played.

3, a crow on the way home to meet the dove. Dove asked: where do you want to fly? Crow said: Actually I do not want to go, but we all think my voice is not good, so I want to leave. Dove told the crow: don’t waste your energy! If you don’t change your voice, you won’t get anywhere.

[] inspired if you want everything, can become more beautiful, from the start to change their.

4, a family has three sons, they live in an endless quarrel among their parents, their mother often black and blue. The boss thought: mother is too poor! I’ll be nice to my wife. The second thought: marriage is too boring, I grew up must not marry! Old three think: the original, the husband is to beat his wife!

5, wild boar and horses eat grass, wild boar is often bad, not trample on the grass, is to muddy the waters. The horse was so angry that he tried to get revenge. The hunter said that unless a horse let him ride. Horse revenge eager, agreed to the requirements of the hunter. The hunter mounted the horse to defeat the wild boar, and then took the horse back, tied to the manger, the horse lost the original freedom.

[] inspired you cannot tolerate others, will bring their own misfortune.

6, riding a bicycle, hard on the feet of 1 hours can only run 10 kilometers; one car, a light throttle pedal 1 hours can run 100 kilometers; sit high iron, can run 300 kilometers close your eyes for 1 hours; one plane, eating delicious 1>

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