Why would a woman’s breast and a small female health network

woman’s breast is actually a big small really very normal, almost no one said that both sides of the breast are consistent, there is always a little too large or too small, why would this happen? Why do women’s breasts appear a big one small condition?

why breast asymmetry 1, estrogen and progesterone in vivo.

Due to the development of

in vivo estrogen and progesterone sensitive side breast buds, and grow faster and become larger; on one side of the breast bud is less sensitive for growth retardation, growth appears to slow and small


why breast asymmetry 2, limb asymmetry activity.

asymmetric activity of the body, easy to affect the local blood circulation. If the long-term movement side upper limb or chest, it will cause rapid and healthy development of unilateral breast.

why breast asymmetry 3, sleeping problems.

some people habitually sleep on one side. Such a long term bias to the side of the sleep, it will lead to asymmetric breast development.

why breast asymmetry 4, underwear problem.

underwear must choose to fit, if not fit will appear on both sides of the development is not the same big problem. At the same time, should also pay attention to wear.

why breast asymmetry 5, wrong massage.

we all know that massage can make breasts bigger. But if the massage is not correct, it will lead to a small chest.

how to reduce the size difference of both breasts


change position

always side sleeping, prone to chest and a small phenomenon, which requires us to adjust position. Do not often lie on one side, so as to avoid the side of the breast is often caused by the weight of its own pressure caused by asymmetric development. If the breasts have been asymmetric, sleep should be more side of the smaller side. But be careful not to sleep every night. Otherwise it will cause muscle tension and pain.

2, massage

correct chest massage, can make the breasts bigger. But the wrong massage, but it will lead to a small chest. However, the emergence of a large chest a small phenomenon, we can also be changed by massage. Specific steps: with his left hand to hold the right breast, right index finger, middle finger, ring finger close together, with three points from the breast nipple gently rotating base, first from the base near the sternum, the breast massage to the lateral movement, round 20 times, and then massage the left breast; Wuzhi is chicken shaped button below the nipple and gently rub the breast base rotation, each side of the breast 10 times; pull the nipple, with the thumb, forefinger and middle finger pinch the nipple, outward pulling massage, each side 20 times. Attention should be uniform, pinch the nipple do not force too much. May also buy 1 cup (or a device) two times a day, every 10 minutes, sucking the breast, chest developed, thus increasing the size of breast. < >

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