Entrepreneurship Expo grassroots entrepreneurial innovation project won the eye

now society, to carry out some business Expo is very meaningful for entrepreneurs, can promote a lot of exchanges between entrepreneurs recently, 2015 Jinji Lake entrepreneurship summit kicked off.

8 14, the beginning of the opening ceremony of the 2015 Golden Lake venture and the opening of the second business expo. This is a big Internet cafes and grass root business party, not only to share with Microsoft, HUAWEI, entrepreneurial practice tour, Chinese house and other large coffee, and showcase more than and 100 grassroots entrepreneurial project financing. Activities attracted nearly ten thousand spectators enthusiastic onlookers.

the exposition, a door was a drum agitation. This is a o2o to the music training project – Piano pieces. This is a lbs based technology to find students near the music teacher, the door to teach mobile applications. It is understood that the piano teachers end and drops app students end, realize on-site appointment, payment, teaching evaluation, upload homework, music interactive content of students and teachers through the backstage powerful cloud server, and for students to consider, to make music education more vivid, interesting and efficient.

In fact, to carry out a


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