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modern medicine has long been proved that women’s breast development and food has a great relationship.

you know, is rich in fat breast glandular tissue, in addition to part of the population because of the relationship between the genetic and its endocrine cause of breast development will be more rapid than peers, to strengthen the acquired breast development, is very important to eat some help to stimulate endocrine food is.


cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, walnut, is a good breast vegetables, rich in vitamin content they can effectively promote the secretion of estrogen, so as to achieve the purpose of breast growth. Of course you are familiar with the papaya + milk, pour the milk into the empty papaya steamed after eating, which is simple and magical oh.


protein rich meat and egg is not available or has breast shengpin. If you are not interested in the above food, then we have a simple way: the use of high quality olive oil to replace the usual use of olive oil, dishes unchanged, is still your favorite taste.

collagen class:

collagen not only have an excellent reputation for beauty, in the breast on the results can not be overlooked. Rich in collagen, skin skin, pork is absolutely amazing convincing breast top grade, don’t worry because Yinyefeishi their fat content, compared to the proud curve, the little waist rising is very worthy of sacrifice.

keyword 2: how can breast massage

have to mention here, many stars are strongly recommended nozzle stimulation, persist in the shower in the process of using hydraulic nozzles on both sides of the breast massage every day (in the summer you can try alternating hot and cold), stimulate breast tissue blood circulation, a few minutes a day, the curve will imperceptibly plump.

there is a massage before going to sleep is also very important, with the right amount of chest emulsion (general body lotion can also be) in the palm of the hand from the breast center to circle the form of massage up to the clavicle position, and then extended to the surrounding breast to do spiral massage.

repeat 10 times per action until the chest feels faint. This not only can effectively promote the blood circulation of the chest, but also can improve the external expansion and sagging phenomenon.

Another advantage of

to develop massage habits is that you can always protect the health of the breast, with the palm of the hand to fully contact the outside of the breast, and then focus on the force from the outside to the inside of the action can achieve the role of lymphatic detoxification. Also allows you to massage your breasts at any time at any time to check whether there is a sense of foreign body. Remember, breast cancer is no longer a patent for middle-aged people, and every girl should have a high level of vigilance from now on!

keyword 3: how can breast enhancement underwear

chest does not have its own muscle tissue

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