Want a good business needs to be more careful

almost every shop business people want their business can fire up, however, business fire is not fire, but with many factors. Next, let Xiaobian with everyone to know how old horse business is hot, and see if his business experience will help the majority of operators.

enthusiastic, capable, is a consistent evaluation of the old horse.

horse opened a Wuliangye alcohol cigarette and liquor vendor in Melbourne logistics park, the beginning of sales is very general, but by virtue of his unyielding strength, uphold the integrity of management, product promotion work, and gradually put up quicker, bigger business, often sell cigarette brands more than 40, the annual purchase amount of about 2 million cigarettes, a the retail investors in the area.

"business more intentions, business from the door," the old horse in the face of difficulties, always use this sentence to motivate yourself. It will not just shop business, what, a deserted house, customers are scarce, old horse anxious like ants on a hot pan, ask the sales busy road, a cloud of fog, then have the opportunity to do even a few wedding business, sold part of tobacco, is stable. "Since then, I’ve been watching and thinking about how to sell cigarettes."

wedding with a large amount of smoke, with a piece of wine sales, there is a certain profit margins." Encountered such a business, the old man insisted door-to-door, cash on delivery. Not only send tobacco, but also with the lighter, like books, Xi, balloons, are generally able to win business, especially a lot of cigarette brand wedding gift activities, overall doing very profitable.

to do business, to understand the spectator dishes." This is another way to operate the old horse cigarettes. A shop, two young people to 5 Yellow Crane Tower (Ying Jinsha), but that time can be sold out, see business to yellow, horse suddenly remembered the new gold leaf (Aishang), hurriedly called two person was just about to go out, to introduce them to love the fashion of cigarette packaging and characteristics, and open let them try a bag of smoke, finally made the sale, the two young people became a frequent visitor to the store, and introduces many of their peers, "these young people party or go out to visit relatives and friends, from time to time to come to my shop with a few love."

"in fact, a new cigarette brand is a new opportunity." Mention cigarette retail, the face of the old horse and filled with glory. "One hundred years of Luzhou just listed, I see a product characteristic, try to smoke a package, will know that there is a play, the new packaging, taste is thick, it is, as long as the accurate consumer groups, publicity, sales will go up." After years of toil, Maradona today in the new presentation "one hand", gold leaf, a lot of brands from other DHS began listing publicity, his store sales have been way ahead.

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