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life inevitably encounter accidents, more likely to hit.

When a new

were immersed in the joy of birth, we can often encounter some new moms and babies will bear important damage conditions, such as acute mastitis is one who plays a hangman.

how to eliminate it to harm us? That can start from the understanding of causes of suffering from acute mastitis……

milk siltation, bacterial invasion of pathogenic acute mastitis is a lot of new mothers are likely to encounter the situation, the main symptoms include breast pain, skin burns, swelling etc.. Because of the major issue of breastfeeding, everyone who has just done or is about to become a mother should learn more about it in order to be better prepared.

acute mastitis is breast invasive pathogens and in which breast growth and reproduction of acute suppurative infection caused by. This kind of disease is more common in the first time to do the mother’s female, often occurs in postpartum 3 – 4 weeks.

causes acute mastitis produced mainly has two aspects: on the one hand, galactostasis is likely to lead to invasive growth and reproduction of bacteria, and the cause of galactostasis mainly papillary growth is not good (too small or invaginations), interfere with breastfeeding, and too much milk or baby sucking, feeding posture is not correct, the breast is not smooth also cause galactostasis.

on the other hand, bacteria may invade the nipple damage, often by chapped department, along the lymphatic invasion is the main routes of infection. Baby with nipple sleep or baby sucking with stomatitis, bacteria can be directly into the tube of the breast, up to the glandular lobules and infection.

January is the high incidence of postpartum mastitis


acute mastitis occurs in the absence of nursing experience on primipara. Within 1 months post partum is the high incidence of acute mastitis; 6 months after the baby started teething, the nipple is susceptible to injury, should be careful to prevent occurrence of the weaning period; but we must guard against acute mastitis.


got acute mastitis, initially feel breast pain, lumps, pain and local; with the development of the disease, may also have cold, chills or a sudden increase in temperature, sometimes to more than 39 DEG C. Under normal circumstances, only one side of the breast inflammation symptoms, the prevalence of breast pain can not press, local skin burns, redness, and lumps. The same side of the axillary lymph node enlargement, press the pain. If to the hospital to check blood routine, will show the number of white blood cells increased significantly.

however, acute mastitis symptoms will be different people have different It differs from man to man., performance. Mothers who are taking antibiotics may be masked if they develop local inflammation. If not timely treatment, the prevalence of breast is likely to fester, even internal tissues have been destroyed and milk paralysis serious will happen.

Don’t stop breastfeeding after


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