What are the women anemia tonic recommend five kinds of food health network

for many female friends, there will be symptoms of anemia. So, in the process of eating normally, must be appropriate to eat some of the blood and nourishing effect of food, so as to avoid a series of harm because of anemia and the emergence of. Many people do not know what women anemia tonic, but do not know how to live in the blood, then we will share together!

1, spinach

in life, spinach is a very common vegetable, a blood food is especially famous for. Spinach contains a lot of iron carotene. Therefore, the appropriate use of some spinach, can play a good role in blood.

2, red bean

as we all know, red beans have a high nutritional composition. If women often eat some red beans, not only can play a detoxification effect, also can be in the red blood, because there’s a lot of rich iron.

3, jujube

speaking of blood, red dates is a kind of food absolutely can not miss. In red dates, containing a lot of cyclic adenosine monophosphate, this component can be good to adjust to the body so that the new The new supersedes the old., as soon as possible cell generation, cell death can be quickly removed, but also brought the hematopoietic function of bone marrow was enhanced.

4, lotus

lotus, no matter is the root or subject to having a lot of benefits. There are a lot of lotus root nutrient elements necessary for human body, is also rich in starch, after eating, not only can enhance the body’s immune ability, also can achieve the learning effect of qi.

5, carrot

in carrot, there is a very special nutrient element, it is carotene, this material has many advantages in the blood. For those who do not like to eat carrots, you can directly squeeze the carrot juice, add honey as a drink to drink.

read through the above, I believe we all have to understand what is the female anemia tonic. In today’s market, there are a lot of special treatment of women with anemia health care products, if women anemia situation is relatively serious, you can try to buy some, but still need to be treated by drugs, so that it can be completely healthy.

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