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breast is too large, it is likely to have breast disease, breast tissue and breast hyperplasia caused by. If the breast is too large, it will not only affect the chest type, but also endanger the health of women, such as breast pain, breast inflammation, shoulder pain and other factors are not conducive to women’s health. Therefore, women with large breasts need to narrow the breasts. So, what are the methods of breast reduction


1, ring breast reduction surgery

ring breast reduction surgery is a common breast reduction surgery, the specific approach is to make an incision in the areola position, then the excess breast, breast tissue can be removed. The recovery period of this kind of operation method usually needs three months to six months, there will be no obvious scar after operation, and it will not affect lactation.

2, standard breast reduction surgery

standard breast reduction, the fundamental goal is to reshape a more matched chest type, so you need to nipple and redundant breast, breast tissue resection, and then put on a new artificial nipple. This procedure can make the chest more beautiful, but the real nipple has been removed, it will affect lactation. And this method will leave a more obvious scar.

3, liposuction breast reduction surgery

liposuction breast reduction surgery is a breast reduction method is relatively easy to accept female friends, very suitable for young women. In fact, the breast has become so large, mainly in the breast fat too much sake, through liposuction method, can remove excess fat, to help breast slimming. This method is very small incision, generally do not leave scars.

What are some of the

breast reduction methods? Many female friends who want to reduce their breasts want to know the answer to this question. It introduces three common methods of breast reduction for everyone, are cyclic breast reduction surgery, breast reduction surgery and liposuction and breast reduction surgery. For the need to shrink the female friends, you can choose according to their own actual situation and needs of the corresponding shrinkage method.

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