Wearing the wrong bra underwear care health network syndrome

Improper selection of

bra, improper wear, will cause considerable health problems. Sometimes, we will hear the friend said: "Oh, my shoulder hurts!" There will be a female friend back pain, chest tightness, dizziness, nausea, numbness in the upper limb, head and neck rotation, such as acupuncture and other phenomena. This is due to the long wearing ill fitting bras, muscle fatigue, blood circulation disorder and aging, "bra syndrome" so quietly find you.

keyword data: 8 into women do not know how to choose and wear bras

according to the data show that nearly 8 of Chinese women do not know how to choose and wear bras. According to a survey of a random sample of 1000 women, 79.3% women wearing a bra is not scientific, mainly manifested in the long time, wearing a bra too tight and not adjusted, at the same time, from the "bra syndrome" women gradually increased.

case tells us: improper bra wear, angel can also become a demon

Ms. Zhao

bra is not too much, the only thing is not like lace bra, wearing a pain prone. In fact, the shape of the bra strap is an important inspection point, if in order to look good and long-term use of narrow-band bra, easy to shoulder muscle fatigue, blood circulation disorder, the reasons leading to suffering from "bra syndrome" women gradually increased, the main clinical manifestations is shoulder discomfort, especially shoulder back pain, chest tightness, dizziness, head and neck rotation tingling etc.. Another clinical statistics show that wearing a bra more than 10 hours a day, women are more likely to suffer from breast disease, the probability is the other person’s two times. Therefore, once back home, it is best to chest liberation out, especially when you can not wear a bra to sleep.

small problems: chest bra improper breast injury did not discuss!

bra length is bust short, tight bra breast breast compression, the blood circulation is not smooth, long on nipple nipple extrusion, will gradually become flat or even concave, mammary duct inflammation will be serious, and even the formation of sinus fistula, bra too tight; when the nipple and bra fiber constant friction, the fiber twist silk cocoon enter the breast, a long time, it will make the breast blocked, can cause serious mastitis; long-term use of bra is too small, it will appear below the breast compression position insufficiency, fibrosis, and the formation of hypertrophic cable strip, on time will have tenderness.

caused the "bra syndrome" is often due to the long-term use of narrow band type bra bra size is too small or too tight wear caused, but also easy to make muscle fatigue, blood circulation disorder and aging.

experts suggest that every three months, women need to re body, according to their own body shape changes in the selection of new suitable bra. Bra should be removed when sleeping.

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