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what kind of breast is called sagging?

first definition of breast ptosis. The lower edge of the breast and torso surface intersection called breast under the folds, under normal circumstances, especially young women, the nipple is the horizontal position in the breast under the folds above, if the fall is called breast ptosis. The more severe the droop, the lower the fall.

The breast appearance of

sag are generally three types: fusiform, triangle shaped breast sagging breast ptosis and horn shaped breast ptosis.

spindle shaped breast ptosis is a basal breast cross is characterized by the diameter reducing breast ptosis. The basal breast round coronal breast less than the distal coronary plane, like spindle, named spindle shaped breast ptosis. The breast ptosis Department of breast tissue to fall hernia caused by subcutaneous areolar region, often associated with large areola syndrome. More common in young and middle-aged women.

triangular shaped breast ptosis of the whole breast was flat, like hanging in the chest wall of the triangular scarf, so named. Breast basal coronary is long elliptic, breast longitudinal diameter greater than the diameter of breast tissue, no hernia was falling to the subcutaneous areolar region. More common in middle-aged and elderly women, especially postmenopausal women.

The basal breast coronal and distal coronal

is basically the same horn shaped rolling room sagging, distal or slightly smaller breast longitudinal diameter is longer, the breast nipple in the line, such as the appearance of the horn, breast adipose tissue within the fiber and the relative increase in less breast tissue, breast feel more compact and better skin elasticity, such breast ptosis in young women.

is usually divided into three degrees according to the degree of breast prolapse:

I degree: breast ptosis, nipple and breast reverse line parallel.

II degree: nipple position is lower than the skin under the skin of the anti fold, but higher than the lowest position of the breast.

III: breast nipple in the lowest position, but some breast ptosis, especially distal breast hypertrophy, although more severe ptosis, the nipple is still the lowest in the breast, this should also be regarded as III degree of ptosis.

What are the causes of sagging breasts


is generally believed to cause breast sagging for three reasons: 1 breast prolapse after weight loss; the production of breast ptosis after the production of the 2; breast ptosis in the elderly (3). And breastfeeding is considered to be the primary cause.

pregnant women, the body hormone secretion changes in the breast fat tissue and breast tissue will grow, making the breast significantly larger. Of course, at this time the surface of the breast skin will be propped up, this time the woman is the most full of life.

after production, reduce the amount of hormones, and breastfeeding, so fat and breast tissue will decrease rapidly, has been stretched in the breast epidermis decrease in the content circumstances, naturally loose down, no previous compact full.

at the same time, due to fatigue caused by feeding the baby >

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