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97% why a thin thin chest

do not blindly lose weight, if the light diet and do not pay attention to the maintenance of the chest, the reduction may be just chest fat. Breast contains 97% of the fat, accounting for 4%-5% of total body fat. So a just because of body fat enough, breast the best way is to give yourself a little fat. However, fat can not keep the chest tall and straight, too fat women’s breasts, although large but drooping, no beauty. If you want to shape, proper exercise chest muscle is the most simple recipe.

1-3CM breast stones? Not necessarily a tumor

lactating women if touch a round or flat lump in her breast, must be vigilant. If it is 1-3 cm in size, smooth surface, clear boundaries, can be active, and the skin is not sticky, it is likely to be breast stones. Breast stones are mostly evolved from milk, can only be removed by surgery. In order to prevent breast stones, breast-feeding women first of all to make themselves feel comfortable, multi massage, more cleaning, the use of loose bra to prevent milk reflux.

chest uneven why flat world? This is not a good health but a boast, the chest is the only woman to win a good life, all good.

whether the nipple shaping?

China’s famous body repair expert Professor Hu Kai from the past 100 thousand cases of breast shaping case statistics found: female nipple depression is very common, up to 1/20. Nipple depression not only affects the appearance of the chest, but also affect the normal breast-feeding or even sexual life.

nipples easily hidden bacteria, even cause local skin infection, even cause skin inflammation and mastitis. Nipple sag girls, for their own breast health, bold plastic surgery to accept it.

45 year old

breast cancer as early as possible

China originally belonged to one of the countries with low incidence of breast cancer, but in recent years, the annual increase in 3%~4% patients, the world average. The age of onset of breast cancer is between 40-60 years old, and the peak of incidence in China is 45 years ahead of schedule. Prevent breast cancer should quit smoking. Data show that smoking history of women over 10 years, the risk of breast cancer risk is 3 times more than other women; daily drinking 1  cup or 1 or more, the risk of developing breast cancer rate of less than 45% drinkers.

600 from the left chest, love their

due to the heart in the left side, breast development from the left. According to the annals of plastic surgery, a survey of 600 women found that the left side of the breast is bigger than the right. But more attention should be paid to the risk of breast cancer in the left chest than the right chest.


1% breast stimulation of sexual pleasure

sex is always a way to stimulate women’s breasts, but according to the American sex educator Marshall, Miller and the study of the, only 1% of women said that the stimulation of the breast will let her

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