[Earl] the biological laws of the nternet

count, I watched CCTV 10 sets of English stroll around today, the name seems to be this, ha ha, forgot. But the important thing is not the program. What’s important is that I saw something in this program. It’s directed at the heart of the grass roots and their lives. Take my time.


program is to Singapore Tourism, then went to the Singapore Museum, host Nini, pretty good ah. She demonstrated a common sense of science, that is, the similarity between human genes and other animals. And the fish is 83% and the mouse is 87% and the mosquito is 45%……. This scene touched some of my brain cells, so I saw the smooth body of the internet. What’s it like, a smooth body?…

compared with animals, we humans are intelligent, capable, thoughtful and promising. They are kings and masters. But that’s what makes it different, and it has something in common with animals. Not even a chasm, and the data show that even though 1% of the difference separates the brightest orangutans from the brightest humans. But the digital divide of 87% is greater. Compared with animals, we are quite the same…

so I know, such an eternal introduction to biology in the internet. This introduction is an application that has gained popularity across the Internet and even the IT industry. Online games, online shopping, etc.. The generality, like the invisible law of value, holds the soul of the internet. Specifically, the giants and grassroots websites have the same essence, and the other causes of cloud mud are just a little different. GG, Baidu. Why search best?. And SOSO and other personal search why not, Sina and other portals than other good, better than personal standing, and so on, as well as individual stations in the same movie, why birds, etc., than other good?… Here can not simply say that one side is serious, one side is responsible.

, that’s what makes this biological truth work… The mice are so similar to the human race, like the the Imperial Palace in Beijing and the the Imperial Palace in Taipei.. But the difference is that such an invisible law works. For the time being, we call the theory of essential convergence. The station station also are facing a problem, profit or no profit. There is a technology, ASP and PHP programming, and other network technologies. Are all creatures in operation, human beings. It’s all in a society. Why are you looking for breakthroughs in the Internet?. But the difference is a money may be more, a little, a good technology, a poor technology, an operation of people, cattle. High in level, low in level, and self righteous. But there is one more problem: the mouse takes himself as a human being. It will be more popular, if you think of yourself as a mouse, that is the mouse. When their station station is the station. The station when their station is large.

that’s simple, but few people recognize and implement it.

some people just think of themselves as mice, so they are always mice. Some people call themselves

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