5 breast breast health health network scam harm women

scam 1: injectable breast augmentation

breast augmentation in many ways, was once a lot of women are keen to inject breast augmentation. Then there is a period of time, a breast needle by a female friend of love. However, with the growing exposure of many ills, women are becoming more and more deeply aware of this way of breast augmentation is not only ineffective, but also seriously hurt their own health, so are prohibitive.

according to the central national drug adverse reaction monitoring data show that injection breast augmentation adverse events include inflammation, infection, induration, mass, deformation, displacement and residual sequelae, part of drug injection breast augmentation women even removed the entire breast, paid a heavy price for the. But Chinese currently no injection injection approval certification. It is recommended that the majority of women choose breast care, especially breast injection, do not try. At present, the safe and effective method of recognition of breast implants and autologous fat breast enhancement, not into the scam!

scam 2: adolescent abuse hormone breast products

girls are in the strong growth period, the amount of ovarian estrogen secretion itself more, if the choice of estrogen drugs, although can promote breast development, but also the danger lurking in some adverse factors. If the female body estrogen levels are still too high, may make the possibility of breast, vagina, cervix, uterus, ovary cancer patient body increased.

commonly used estrogen estradiol benzoate and diethylstilbestrol etc.. Abuse of these drugs, not only easy to cause nausea, vomiting, anorexia, can also lead to uterine bleeding, uterine hypertrophy, menstrual disorders and liver and kidney damage.

scheme 3: fasting diet

you need to pay attention to weight loss, if you are losing weight, but you are complaining about their chest flat, it is not to blame themselves? In a state of hunger for a long time, the human body that entered the era of famine, will inevitably mobilize the storage of fat and protein to deal with, and the main structure of the breast is one of the fat and collagen. The chest fat reduction, skin laxity, muscle loss, and malnutrition caused atrophy of gland tissue, whole breast tissue is reduced, but the connection of breast muscle and connective tissue of the breast is not reduced, so the chest is smaller prolapse.

so if you lose weight rapidly, and the lack of a reasonable pace, then one can not supply enough nutrition, collagen in the body will be a substantial loss, on the other hand, the rapid decomposition of fat can cause a sudden chest deformation, make a figure more beautiful. Therefore, even if weight loss, but also pay attention to add some protein content is relatively high food, and can not be reduced too fast, or bad body bad.

scam 4:: exercise, massage breast

because there is no muscle tissue in the chest, so some chest exercise does not promote the chest becomes larger, but will reduce fat, and make the chest smaller. A >

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