Site on line 10 days Googlepr value rose to 4 experience

had several websites, strictly speaking, should be regarded as garbage station, although do some optimization, there are thousands of traffic, but to keep the user, end the year back, always wanted to do a meaningful site, then lock the maternal industry, registered a domain name is after buying, space, No. 21 website online, the simple add a few days, the evening included Baidu, but only included the home page, two days after the Google included, now has a collection of 386, Sogou rating of 10 points, in March 1st, the Google PR value rose 4.

, briefly, how did I do this:


domain name, then choose a lot of domain name, initially identified several, such as 54, 86, 51 and yunfuz, to find a lot of people to help me, eventually settled in 51, domain name is a little bit longer Never mind, the most important is that we must use com.

let search engine included, I do is to Baidu, Google update fast blog up to send a link, the search engine spiders lead, I went to the Moonlight blog, Li Zhi blog,

PR; website online, find a website updated quickly PR high site Links, I probably find a dozen PR4 website of the union. For 10 days, Google’s PR rose to 4, and Sogou’s value rose to 10

yes, there is also a knack for upgrading pr. You add information such as company name at the bottom of the site, and Google will have a higher opinion of your website. I simply share this experience. Let’s talk.


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