How long does it take for a new site

new station, how to let search engine fast included, is a need important question, the most important is Baidu. The new station in this case just on the line, the content is basically copied from the Internet, are not original articles. How to let Baidu quickly included, I made a detailed plan.

‘s usual practice is to submit it to major search engines first, and I don’t approve of that. My approach is, first of all, in an old station, put on this new link. Choose what kind of station, pay attention to, must choose in the weight of Baidu relatively high station, not PR high site, I used to have each station, PR5, some people take PR6 station with me change links, I don’t change. According to my SEO experience, Baidu weight, and the weight of GOOGLE, there is a certain difference, in the GOOGLE weight high web site, in Baidu weight and will be high. Moreover, you can only choose a website, oh, do not put too much, just the opposite.

then is the key, and it’s easy to do, but a lot of people don’t always do it. Just wait patiently. Most of the novice webmaster, do a new station, after the nearest place to be submitted to the major search engines, and then in various websites, or Baidu post bar and other places to post, and so on. Personally, I think, a new station, do not cause too much outside the chain, my strategy is, let Baidu unconsciously included. This is simple, but to remind you that this is the most critical.

an hour, two hours, six hours, I kept watching included, Baidu and other search engines. Finally, a few hours later, GOOGLE was first included, then Sogou, then SOSO, more than 10 hours later, Baidu finally included the front page of the site. Now the site keywords in Baidu ranking is also good, in the second page second, in the GOOGLE ranking is the first line of the second page, for a new station, just on the line of this ranking, I have met. And this keyword is not a special word, it’s a universal word. Above, is the first step to success I think purposes, then I implement the second step, that is what I am doing now, write a soft, released to some website search engine is trusted, of course, I feel the weight of network promotion network in Baidu and Google are yes, so we choose here.

well, the second step to the same, if saidpopular, is to seduce spider. Seduce well, you can’t be too in a flagrant way, going unnoticed, let search engine check, this is the most critical. You are a new, if all of a sudden the chain made too much, will make search engines produce Qing Ti, especially Baidu, so be sure to pay attention to, the breeze drizzle, not because of the new station opened, and lose yourself. Believe, if this article is sent out later, if the link in the soft text is not removed, will successfully attract spiders.


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