4 months to build 20 thousand P game station

I remember 3 years ago, there is a small station game plan, but always feel little game stand not what the future! I do not play games, so I think that others are not playing, has been delayed until May of this year. Once the party webmaster learned a few stations, 4399 and xiaoyouxi.com, remember when they flow in more than 1 million, the daily income is more than 100 thousand RMB, I was shocked, because I want to do this type of station 3 years ago, but now there is such a big market, it is a big cake, just search a few keywords in more than 200 thousand of the index, so I decided to fight a fight in the game field


3 months later, is also in 2008 August, after 1 months of hard work and study, my Playstation official debut, then I found out that he and the size of the game many stations have done a connection, can be said to increase the weight of good! Website is beautiful; so I began to make connections in the network everywhere and start looking for some of the larger sites, the other did not care about you, then I understand, do connection can get slightly higher than their own site connection, so as to improve their weight, the other requirements are not too high, slowly, my PR rose to 1 from 0., 2, 3, until now, my PR has reached 4, this period is also very grateful to the help of friends, without their selfless, my PR will not rise so fast, after a few months of hard work, my flow from the beginning of the 0, To date, IP2 million, income, because the GG rules are not allowed to publish, but we can tell you, my site’s income far exceeds my salary several times (I am civil servants) treatment,


is to want to prepare a small game station or have done the webmaster can avoid detours, specially will I have optimized the program announced for everyone to use, there may be some deficiencies in the program, but also hope that we can correct, download address is http://s.4399.io/ 4399.io.rar, I will have rules, do optimization, 40 thousand the data, and generate HTML, for most of the webmaster, enough! I hope you will be able to exchange some technology and optimization of knowledge, welcome webmaster and my group, convenient contact 48797828

www.gnet.com.cn games; we all have nothing to praise,


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