Mining the first pot of gold with Seo

sits at the computer at twelve in the evening.

believes that many friends who are standing still don’t sleep like me. From 2005 to enter the website construction this line, really feel sweet and sour, what flavor all have. From the beginning of the ignorant, and then to understand the industry, they began to do private lists. For hundreds of pieces of the site, often until midnight before going to bed. Our manager once said, "we do stand, just like chicken, guests love how, how to do, no way, not just to make money, but I often say to myself, this is not what I want to live!"


, until last year, came into contact with the website optimization, really fascinated by this. Every day on the webmaster nets see SEO article, see more, began to do stand, looking at the search engine all day, that mood with keyword ranking change. Think of yourself at that time, still a little funny. Feel a certain level, but also had a friend released rhetoric, to make their own stand for a week to tens of thousands of IP traffic, the results of it, get back to earth face. The idea is to make a high traffic station, do some advertising alliance earn extra money, I believe that many SEO friends also have this idea! Idea is good, but for me, a web page of key technologies, SEO general people, this idea is not realistic. Then, to my friend’s customers do SEO, there are earned, but I do not like to tell the client, what keywords appear in what, where and how long.

finally, I think, or have their own products to do, do stand optimization to sell better. Just a friend is to do the machine, so we two say good cooperation, I’m responsible for customers from the Internet, she is responsible for sales., this is the station where I’ve spent all my heart, and my first div+css station. Although the key word has not gone up, there are already several customers to come to inquire about, some also talk about becoming. When a friend told me the news, the excitement in my heart. Because my efforts finally paid off.

finally found his way, though it was a little late. I also sincerely hope that more webmaster friends can have their own ideas, realize their value.

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