From breast cancer from health network to improve health care consciousness of women

34 year old singer A-Sun died of breast cancer, so that women’s breast health once again become the focus of women’s health topics.

breast health experts say prevention is better than cure, away from breast cancer to improve health care awareness.

recently, Chinese Health Association of maternal and infant health care research demonstration base Xin Yue Department of international health experts of the month club invited breast just finished production mothers guidance breast health problems.

Shanghai First Maternal and Infant Health-Care Hospital director of the infant breast Department Zhuang Zhigang and Xin Yue Hui International (Hongkong) breast health care Sherry in new mothers exchanges that women, especially for just the production end of the new mother, should pay attention to self breast care.

new mothers postpartum prone to breast impassability, breast lumps, breast tenderness and other series of breast problems, if not clear, will not only cause milk, breast hyperplasia, breast sore adverse symptoms, but also develops for a long time will lead to the generation of breast tumor. Therefore, the key to prevention of breast disease is to enhance health awareness, prevention is better than treatment, and only the standard professional breast care can really let women away from health killer".

China Health Association of maternal and infant health care research base is the Chinese Association for the health of mothers and children health care institutions established, Xin Yue Hui International confinement club as a demonstration site for maternal and infant health care research base, not only provide scientific and professional breast massage for parturient mother, at the same time for new mothers, but also by the experienced maternal special nurse provide open milk service, currently has more than 90% of the proportion of maternal breastfeeding.

statistics Chinese anticancer association announced that China in recent years, the incidence of breast cancer increased at an annual rate of 3%, becoming the fastest growing city in the mortality of cancer, and the age of onset was younger.

related data show that the incidence of breast cancer in women in western countries is the peak age of 50 to 55 years old, and with age, the higher the incidence. However, the age of onset of breast cancer in Chinese women is about 10 years younger than that of Western women.

(internship editor: Zheng Yanjun)

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