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is a common female accessory breast malformation. It is often the development of the organization, most of the baby’s breasts, or just a skin pigment deepened, the central can have a little bit of skin after the increase, similar to a small nipple. Some only in the breast, some only nipples, but there are also visible in the axilla and complete body milk (nipple, areola, gland), and large. Before menstruation also swollen pain Furu during pregnancy, increased significantly in the nipple and give milk secretion to milk.

is generally not what Furu impact on the human body, but may give you have psychological uneasiness and life inconvenience, about 0, 1% of women breast cancer. Because the position is different from the normal breast milk, sometimes easy to ignore. So when two increases, the inconvenience of living have swollen fast suspected tumor, to go to the doctor.

1, sports massage

chest movement, thin arm movement, using the pectoralis major muscle and arm muscles contraction, to improve the Furu situation. Every morning and evening can massage Furu, hands naturally hang down, can see the armpit to the chest between the concave and convex parts.

concave part: with the middle finger and the thumb of the appropriate force repeatedly knead, about 30 each. Bulge: hand fist to the strength of finger joints will be highlighted Furu pushed from outside to inside, each about 30. Note: the right chest to the left hand, while the left chest with the right hand action (



repeated mechanical massageBy using western

mechanical suction massage instrument, the use of vacuum suction cups to breast breast, converted into positive pressure and then launch breast shape in the breast, milk cup, breast in repeated suction into the cup, the cup will gradually become round and will have the shaping effect of fatty continuous repeated operation of machinery accessory massage a month later, if the nipple accessory must carry physician diagnosis surgical treatment.

3, liposuction resection

If the Organization raised

Furu is too large, or often with skin friction, causing distress or recurrent eczema bring inconvenience in life, can be removed.

two resection in two ways, if it is because of improper dressing or pure fat accumulation and the formation of pseudo Furu, can use liposuction to remove it, wound about 0.5 cm; if two internal mammary tissue, the accessory breast removal, select resection, armpit wrinkle along the line under the knife, 2-3 cm incision, the wound will hide in the armpit.

4, surgical treatment of

1, generally in the continuous epidural anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia, only a few under local anesthesia. Local anesthesia is not conducive to the electric knife free flap, adverse resolution of fat and accessory breast tissue.

2, incision selection will take into account the beautiful, hidden.

3, two without capsule, surgery will be free flap to block edge excision should be enough, so as to ensure the effect of surgical treatment. >

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