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would like to know what kind of breast products are better now breast products have biochemical, pure plant, biological, pure plant products which contain more active substances, almost no harm to the human body.

breast products really have breast enhancement effect? In general, run out of breast products will not have too big change, but more sharp, make the breast firm sense is more prominent. If some women breast atrophy, and her own basic condition is better, you can completely restore the original state.

breast is mainly based on their own conditions. If the more than and 20 year old breast atrophy, do it very quickly, the effect is more obvious. Are you ready for breast enhancement? Breast liposuction or vegetarian fitness worth mentioning, through positive action will always leave a step closer to the standard of beauty.

first to wear a bra. Bra can not be too loose or too tight, if the bra is too large, can not play the role of breast care teams, but too small will hinder breast development, the right bra size is measured at the end of his chest, with the soft leather ruler along both sides of the lower edge of the breast a week measurement. Bra in the summer should be washed every day for at least two times a week in winter, in order to maintain the cleanliness of the breast.

often do bath massage. The shower to wash shower chest, use warm water, rinse for at least 1 minutes each time, to promote the development of thymus and stimulate blood circulation. This will not only keep clean, but also increase the flexibility of the breast, prevent sagging.

regular use of breast products: with the upper and lower, from the inside to the correct massage, plant essence can quickly penetrate the epidermis, promote breast development, increase the volume of fat in order to plump chest. What is the best time for the breast? 5 days after menopause, hormone relatively strong, thymus, cells are more active, this time with some breast products.

in the United States in 60s has put forward this theory, Japan, Taiwan in 80s also realized this, some of the major domestic beauty agencies have begun to take advantage of this technology. The hunchback or bad position most likely to affect the normal development of the breast. Waist, back straight affixed to the wall, hands on the knees, raised his hands to the vertical position, head, hand as far as possible, but the waist must be upright.

often do push ups, swimming, chest movement, sit in bed every morning, massage the breast with both hands. Massage breast specific operation is: rotate around the breast massage, clockwise, counterclockwise, until the breast skin and reddish micro heat until, finally pulling the nipple several times, this can stimulate the entire breast, including breast tube, connective tissue and adipose tissue, make breast more full, more flexible.

(internship editor: Deng Yongqi)

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