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beautiful women you want to have a healthy strong chest? Then you for this dream how much effort? Do you know some of his life in the posture will make your dreams fall? Will correct your bad posture now, so the chest will become beautiful.

The development of

to affect the pectoral muscle

bent: due to intense pace of work, often to can’t help tayao, thereby increasing the burden of lumbar spine, hinder the blood circulation, thereby affecting the development of the pectoral muscles. So women should always straight waist, tired to stand on the wall for a few minutes, will make your chest comfortable.

arm will increase the burden on the chest

arm: many women often put their hands around the chest, this position will increase the burden on the chest. Should relax the hand of the hanging on both sides of the legs, often stretching themselves, help to improve breast shape.

Health hazard

desk female breast very large

desk desk: women, such as ignoring the breast health, there will be a lot of people breast fullness, chest and back pain and other muscle sour unspeakable armpit discomfort and other symptoms, these symptoms are increased, great harm to health of the female breast, and therefore must be timely prevention.

should be less prone to sleep

pashui: should minimize the tummy to sleep, it is best to take back to right-wing position, or it will make serious compression of the chest, breast ptosis, depression.

should increase the chance of exercise

appropriate to do breast exercises, gently massage can make the breast fullness. Do our exercise is one of the measures for the exercise of the breast, breast tissue has been basically sound of women is very important. In fact, exercise itself does not increase the breast, because there is no muscle in the breast. The purpose of the exercise is to make the breast under the chest muscle growth, the pectoral muscles will increase the breast looks outstanding, breast is big.

how tall your breasts, specific should do the following:

(1) attention posture:

usually walk upright abdomen, buttocks tight; sitting posture also sat erect, not including chest piggyback; sleep supine or lateral position, not prone to.

(2) to avoid trauma:

in labor or sports, must pay attention to protecting the breast, to avoid injury or crush injury.

(3) good chest fitness:

is mainly to strengthen the chest muscles, such as do more appropriate chest movement or push ups chest aerobics.

mastered the correct breathing method can not only let you in KTV can make you more display skills to the full, exercise a flat stomach, breasts…

(4) local massage:

adhere to the morning and evening appropriate massage breast, promote the role of nerve reflex, improve the secretion of pituitary gland.


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