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also master a lot of love by SEO to Taobao customers, but many people are complaining that the conversion rate is too low, so I dare to say that you are the guest station is number not much. In fact, if you want to let netizens love to dig out of pocket is very difficult, want to meet big customers can only rely on luck. Increasing the number of special websites is the most effective way to increase orders. I have seen someone using the station group batch optimization of the word "L-carnitine", making sh419’s previous pages are his promotion code, such effect fool can see is profitable. Of course, the use of software as a station group has a certain risk, this method has yet to be discussed.


the old adage: people not only see the kids eat meat, do not see the thief. When we see other people’s happy money, don’t envy them, just look at how much sweat they have left behind. Luck also favors those who are prepared, and diligence is the most effective way to increase orders for Taobao customers.

didn’t do Wangzhuan, no technology novice website, net Wangzhuan can start by clicking that money project start. Because of money, is the most easy to do Wangzhuan type, one of the most widely. Anyone with a little knowledge of the Internet can get started in 10 minutes. So, start from the beginning of the new higher click on the network to make money, is a fast way to Wangzhuan entry.

click on the Internet to make money a lot of projects, the overall credibility is also good, the proceeds can also be. Current regular items payable are 0.5–1.5 cents per click, ad 5–25 per day. 5–10 dollars to pay. This is a common range, and there may be exceptions. For example, each click pay 2 cents or more, or some $1 payment.

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to tell you the truth, click Wangzhuan if it is to do it alone, at least forty or fifty days to pay. So, in addition to the extremely individual 1, 2 dollars on Wangzhuan payment, click on the most profitable projects are not suitable for it. Since it’s not appropriate to do it alone, then why do I say the beginner can start with it because of the relative type of project?. It’s much easier to click on the Internet money making project, and it’s much easier to pay for it.

I’m sure friends without orders are envious and want to know what secrets I have. In fact, I do Taobao guest method and everyone else, mainly by optimizing the website, sh419 know promotion and Search ask, promotion, as for why there will be so good luck, I want to thank you for your hard work.

take the simple sh419 know promotion, how many friends can resolve to trust a single product? I found a lot of friends love instant success, always thinking a few answers waiting for money coming. Such good who want to meet, but never realize. Do know to promote, there should be a sh419 to seize the courage, through efforts to allow yourself to occupy an absolute advantage. For example, the author in the promotion of a female supplies, spent a full 3 months time, and finally make the whole sh419 know all my world. In this way, no matter how picky netizens, eventually will come to their site. The chances of producing orders are also greatly increased.

Taobao customers are now doing so much, big and small websites are spared no effort to promote their Taobao guest code. Is fortune to do Taobao, I do not deny this, but why can some people and some people earning large quantities of gold each day, a few weeks there is no volume. I think it depends on the degree of personal diligence. The following is the author of Taobao to do a section of the data, through this picture can be seen that a visitor once bought three high commission merchandise, the author suddenly earned more than 200 yuan.

then, how do you deal with the difficulty of paying? You need to work with the downline. Click Wangzhuan referral proportion is very high. Basically 50% or 100% off the line deduct a percentage from a sum of money. Referrals are not deducted from your earnings, but are rewarded by an additional percentage of your income. So, do click Wangzhuan, and cooperation is the best line. The system of returning Commission is adopted. That is, the proceeds from the downline where the proceeds take part to return to the assembly line. In this way, you can quickly pull a lot of active offline. It’s easy to make payment. When you receive payment, you return a portion to the downline. The line will have revenue. It will naturally be more active and cycle, and everyone will be better and better. Cooperation in order to win a win-win network of money, used here is really appropriate!

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