The new version of love Shanghai search engine working principle

browser channels: love Shanghai reported that the 360 browser can be more user flow "to collect and grasp, that is to say, when the user uses the 360 browser a 360 search engine has not been found the site, then the 360 browser will record this website, then this site in the search engine to handle also, I love Shanghai, the browser will do similar things.

link channel: we do what is the main purpose of the chain, is to transfer the weight or to better search engine to grab our site through this link? (if the user clicks on the experience except) this is everybody on a problem to consider, in fact, more important is to let the search engine through this link the right to grab our site, this is also the Shanghai dragon ER said, now new suggestions do outside the chain, one of the reasons of the old station is not necessary.

okay, from the top of the picture, and you may not see what in fact, the search engine algorithm contains so many search engines could not see a single advantage given included in the rankings, the picture above is only the search engine included general graph, the algorithm will talk again.

version of the search engine on the line yesterday, in addition to knock a few enter and navigation to the search box below, the other did not change what actually is not the same, before the new version of the search engine, search engine in the algorithm has been improved, the search engine has been through the website to comprehensive level determine the ranking, rather than a single content, do the chain, click rate to improve the ranking, so let’s see what algorithm of search engine.

search engine in the premise of our website is to grab the channel must have, when you create a domain name, a new page, the page without any access to people, there is no place appeared in your page, then the search engine is unable to correct grasping to your page, the you are not what advice page after the operation, the search engine can grab and included, the reason is mainly through the following channels.


submitted channels: 80% site manually submitted to the search engine in the set up, this is a search engine to a key site in the collection of more channels. When the search engine does not know when your site, you submit your site, this is directly tell the search engine, your site is there, it included the search engine.



two, included the principle of


also released two articles, an article was collected, there is a not included? Why I posted on the website of large soft not included? Etc. problems included are confused us, love of Shanghai included in this point of view is relatively strict, so we cannot let down at this point, of course, included the principle can not imagine.

capture principle

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