The 10 women most likely to get breast cancer ‘s health network

1, hyperplasia of mammary glands for many years

mammary gland hyperplasia is a kind of slow disease. Although not every cases of hyperplasia of mammary glands are malignant, but many links between the two, prompting people to actively care and treatment.

tip: hyperplasia of mammary glands in older age, long history, large masses, masses and menstrual relations are not obvious, prone to malignant transformation. Given the possibility of malignant transformation of breast hyperplasia, suggest that early conditioning to improve, do not delay effect.

2, repeated abortion surgery

many women do people always ask the doctor: people have much impact on the body? And they consider generally refers to the physical injury and pain, but has not realized the hormonal changes neither painful nor itching impact on human body.

3, commonly used hormone drugs or cosmetics

studies show that the abuse of estrogen containing health products may lead to breast cancer.

4, a family history of breast cancer to remove genetic factors and environmental factors

each of us is a tree – trunk line out of the huge FAMILYTREE on health will affect our future in different extent.

5, not breast-feeding or breast-feeding too long

6, obesity or excessive intake of fat

7, depression, often angry, bad mood

8, repeated long-term exposure to a variety of radiation (multiple radiation, computers, mobile phones, etc.)

9, unmarried unmarried or married infertility

10, under 13 years of age or menopause

late menarcheThe new

of the female physiological phenomenon, such as early menstruation, infertility, menopause delayed childbearing. Greatly increased the incidence of breast cancer. Epidemiological studies have shown that children are now rich in nutrition, abuse of supplements, menstruation is generally ahead of schedule, some women to extend the menopause delayed menopause, the role of estrogen in the breast is too long. In addition, single, shorter duration of marriage, sexual partner and primiparous age more than 30 years, increased female breast hyperplasia, although breast hyperplasia is not a malignant tumor, but if it is not more likely to breast cancer.

therefore, breast cancer experts cautioned: understanding the breast health knowledge, lifestyle changes, breast hyperplasia, blocking precancerous lesions of breast cancer, the best measures for prevention of breast cancer.

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