Shanghai Longfeng for what

What is the

is a website to have a good user experience:

Shanghai dragon? Chinese translation of Shanghai dragon as search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a kind of objective to improve website ranking in the search engine in the way of using search engine rules. What is the purpose of Shanghai dragon? Shanghai Longfeng objective understanding is: to provide ecological type of self marketing solutions for the site, let site occupies a leading position in the industry, so as to obtain brand earnings. These days I have been in a tangle, we do Shanghai dragon for what? With this confusion, I love to Shanghai about Shanghai Longfeng, looking forward to be able to find the answer.

heard from Shanghai that day dragon, I will always remember the four words, that is: "user experience", presumably the word who is engaged in Shanghai dragon are not unfamiliar, so the user experience is how one thing, love Shanghai is given to explain this, the user experience is a pure subjective user use the product process in built up feeling. So, that is to say, we should pay more attention to the Shanghai dragon, is the user experience.


Shanghai, for what? For this problem, I feel very good answer, because before the Shanghai dragon, must first make the user experience that, if a site user experience is very bad, so, this site do Shanghai dragon was also is a waste of manpower, material and time.

with love Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated, we do these Shanghai Longfeng situation can be described as more and more awkward, with a few words roughly summed up yourself, that is the hair of the chain, pseudo original, copy, Spammer, bitter, so when someone asks me what time engaged in the work, I will no longer be proud to say: "I do Shanghai dragon", I only smiled: "Oh, I do website promotion." Perhaps that did not seem very own ability or root pressure is enough capacity, but at least I can feel more real, the heart will ease a lot.


Shanghai Longfeng for what:

user experience, it sounds like a rain fog feeling, before listening to the lecturer about Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon and Phoenix, emphasize the website, must good user experience. It is not a web site to do a gorgeous appearance, beautiful pictures to a point, that is a good user experience? The answer is negative, what is a good user experience, I have always felt that no matter what you do, you have to stand in the user’s point of view to consider the issue, you imagine yourself as a user, so ask yourself: "if I do change, I will choose the site service?", but sometimes, when you are in the position of the user, many problems are exposed, and then sum up your see the problem, and to solve it, you naturally will improve the user experience of the site.

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