Answer new forever right down the website how to save the problem

more than two friends also according to their own experiences and answer, which has experienced a little more, the former may also just learning Shanghai dragon who came right and what is not a bad thing, in the Shanghai dragon industry mix, if not through the website right down, do not experience the net station is K, how do you learn more experience knowledge, treatment sites do not be right down his own not to care down the right, not by the K website won’t understand website by K solution, the website drop right is undoubtedly in let us summarize the experience and methods so you should first and then go to the root of the right mentality of thinking

1, website article whether plagiarism or false original quality

forever answer


1, a friend said: no what measures, continue to update, the right to check the Links have illegal phenomenon


friends doubt: now do stand for two months. Ranked second has been over a week. Yesterday suddenly no ranking, I have a little thought the problem did not care, but a look at today is not restored, I began to worry, then I only have no keywords ranking, but I know that is not K off. Can be in the form of 贵族宝贝 check to the home page, in the form of site also find. This will determine the right to be reduced. Who can tell me right down the treatment method? I do not know how to give me the right. Just a little bit out of income drop right. Although not much, but this is my work on the two month results! Willing to help me look for hope, help me analyze! Tell me the way of dealing with, I thanked here.


site is down right

Shanghai dragon has become many people’s money online, the operator can not avoid difficulties, Shanghai Longfeng work is not once and for all, no effort and execution of their own is not a perfect job, you have the right of the site is down how to do if this problem is not to solve the "you will stay forever as hard on this issue, the problems encountered and actively asked, actively looking for answers, the answer is not only your wealth of knowledge, but also your experience, Shanghai dragon money online is very easy to say you work! You say very difficult it is because you don’t get the

drop right solution

2, there is such a friend to answer his question: a lot of people will say, don’t be afraid. Sustainable development for the original articles and hair even! If I were you, I would plan. For the two weeks of observation, continue to send original quality articles and high quality the chain. If not, immediately change the domain name. To avoid wasting space.

search right down

! method!Why would

two months of standing still belongs to new stage, the ranking is not stable is normal, right down your illegal search engine ranking rules, please calm down to think about their own website update

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