How to make all kinds of false original article disguising

Not going to write an article to avoid

: the first news articles. Often in the major large-scale portal site, see the same news, but we are not the same, each article has a point of view of its own, particularly controversial nature of some articles, website editors are starting to write the article from the perspective of their own. If you want to join in the fun, to write such a pseudo original, these articles are collected over, look at the others standing in what kind of perspective to see the news, to the original you must also have their own point of view, can also summed up the views of others, are mentioned in your article, so you a evaluation of the opinions of others people, this seems to be the original article, but it is a real pseudo original. In order to pseudo original news articles or simple, have their own point of view, and then to elaborate on it.

tutorial articles again. The tutorial class of the article, the basic model is illustrated, about the use of a tool, this article to pseudo original may not be so simple, after all, a tool usage is dead there. If you want to go to the pseudo original, best is to use this tool, and then use their own language expressions, with pictures of others, so you have to save a screenshot, I believe your words, the original expression and the others are different, the tutorial class is really step, as long as the steps clear on it, you don’t need to add.

: the second experience. Now independent blog more and more fire, the webmaster can open a separate blog for yourself, write some of their own experience, some of their own establishment process and method. If you want to false original articles like this, you must first have their own experience with the others, the important information in the article into their own, the paragraphs adjustment, experience of articles, it is best to add their own experience in the detailed process, perhaps in the station you and others have encountered the same problem, but you use different methods, the modified method of others, into your own experience, such a pseudo original article and baked.

website optimization, how the quality will affect the quality of the site included, outside the chain, daily maintenance of website owners, the original mentioned may be a headache, really original stuff is really not good writing, some time ago to write the webmaster don’t walk in between the original and pseudo original, and we also said that many of the original method, but it is effective, really do not know, bloggers will not know how to the original, so the pseudo original sometimes bring out the use, for everyone to talk about web site optimization how to write false original.

turned out to be a pseudo original, we certainly have to others to modify the article, how to modify, modify where becomes pseudo original spirit, the webmaster not original, but have a pseudo original skills, to learn different articles for different modification methods to modify a few articles say to everyone:

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