Network marketing and the Olympic Games have a date

network marketing and the Olympic Games on the current date, records, and in the 1984 Losangeles Olympic Games, the Olympic Games cost is huge, but at the time no government subsidies, and not to increase the burden on taxpayers, and the law also prohibits the issuance of lottery, all funds must self financing difficulties as can be imagined. But marketing changed everything.


is a kind of waiting for the Olympic Games, a kind of spiritual sustenance, the symbol of human courage, healthy and upward physique, a kind of sports spirit can infect a generation, or a symbol of the country. Speaking of the Olympic Games and what is the relationship marketing, you are sure not to forget when certain brands are the Olympic Games partners see on TV or on the Internet, or say is the only Olympic designated products, such advertising can see that they are in the use of the influence of the Olympics to enhance their value or the influence of.

in the Olympic Games we see most is Nike, Adidas, almost top-level athletes are wearing these manufacturers sponsorship, it spread it as can be imagined, the eyes of the world are concentrated in the Olympic Games, this is the Olympic year, sang main angle is the Olympic Games, which is the brand a space for one person in the Olympic Games, then this brand will fire ah, the price soared, maybe will become a luxury, but the reason is to help the Olympic publicity in place, see people, it was formed in a habit of thinking, think the Olympic Games is a good product, accompanied by the business is certainly prices, increase revenue, take advertising also value.

in the Olympic Games Ruth chairman of this committee under the leadership of broaden sources, take the following main measures: a funding agreement with the group; tickets are sold broadcasting rights and competition; compression of expenditure, make full use of existing facilities to minimize the construction of sports venues; not a new Olympic Village, California two university dormitory for rent athletes, officials recruited volunteers for accommodation; voluntary work conference. Jo Bo Roth used his ability and cleverness, so that the work of the organizing committee arranged in good order, all true. All of these operations can not escape a little, that is to promote sales, no >

this year is an Olympic year, once every four years the Olympic feast is coming near, in this day, I believe everyone will have a different feeling, a look in the eyes, until finally this day, Beijing time 28 days 4 when opening to begin, athletes and the audience or the media, everyone will feel relaxed and happy to see such a grand occasion, tens of thousands of people gathered here, and today I want to talk about marketing, will see in the Olympic Games, it will be associated with how it, following the A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) from the following aspects and share the secret.

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