Five examples of improving employee morale

In view of how to promote the morale of employees to create a good corporate atmosphere this issue, TechRepublic members provide five examples for your reference.

1. pizza, doughnuts, humor and warning: Dilbert-Tom had an excellent manager in my early career at IT. When a "impossible" task in front of the entire team, managers recognize in a very short period of time the team is difficult to use too many practices in development work; the manager designed a "subsidiary" system in the subsequent work, the development of specialized program by the use of minimum standards and specifications. Using this system, we can put a large project team split into 5 projects developed at the same time, each completed its independent task, it takes the original time of 20%. obviously, this is a shortcut to the bottleneck of effective and rapid breakthrough time limit.

2. new technology products: David Ford restructuring will inevitably lead to the phenomenon of low morale, during this period, management should focus on how to stimulate the morale of employees. Our company has taken a steady approach to solving this problem, and they have purchased a communication tool that combines PDA and mobile phones to every serving employee. As far as I am concerned, the use of this tool can not only paging (such as the company’s call), to meet the needs of private mobile phones, but also to facilitate the use of various functions of PDA. Thus, the new technology products can really win people’s favorite. Understand and meet the actual needs of employees, will be more effective to stimulate employee morale.

3. coffee and talk: bvitale to improve employee morale, we try to create a "Espresso Social" atmosphere in the workplace. Every four weeks or six weeks, everyone in the office is our guest. After work at three in the afternoon, we all gathered together to taste the coffee cake and have a friendly conversation. This activity lasts about 30 minutes each time. Due to the lack of space in the office hall, we will set up activities in the vicinity of the corridor. In order to show respect for people, each activity is usually planned and arranged in advance, such as a celebration of different festivals, ethnic groups, or achievements. Activities from time to time interspersed with different music, including: classical music, jazz, cocktail music, Italy, Spanish, German, India, etc.. In such a pleasant atmosphere, we often introduce a number of infectious events, such as the celebration of china.

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