Discussion on profit model of family education network

is currently the webmaster website in addition to personal interest, more hope through the website to make money. Before a lot of webmasters do dumpster, by selling traffic to make money. "Flow is the first productive forces" has become the goal of the webmaster.

Here we discuss

up net profit model, Deng Xiaoping put forward the "science and technology is the first productivity", and education is not only the national science and technology, the importance of education, our parents have begun to attach importance to education. In addition to the normal education of children in school, many parents in the child after returning home to ask the teacher. A huge home market was born…

general tutoring network are profitable in the following ways:

1, membership dues: to collect fees charged to the teacher, the teacher to establish electronic files.

2, information fee: tutor network to the teacher recommended after the success of a certain amount of information collection tutor; tutor network to provide excellent teachers to collect a certain amount of information.

3, training courses: This is the main profit point of many tutoring network.

in addition to the above points, we will explore other profit points. Tutoring Network is actually an intermediary platform, the use of their own advantages brought together a lot of outstanding teachers and students information. Can we make use of these resources to make money?

1, currently in the market there are a large number of training schools, they need a lot of part-time teachers, we can consider providing teachers recruitment, or some of the teachers’ database to sell them.

2, the teacher is direct communication between students and tutors network, I can consider whether the products (some students need supplementary information, learning card etc.), let the teacher to help sales, profit sharing.

3, the site is a media, whether you can collect some good learning materials available to teachers or students to download (fees).

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