Entrepreneurship is in need of wisdom rather than the unknown to the public to work hard

it’s not enough to just know to keep working

One of the

‘s survival is to cultivate the habit of diligence jews. In the Jewish family, the parents of the Jews paid great attention to the cultivation of their children. The Jews believe that the creator has always given him the highest honor and reward for the industrious man, and the lazy man, the creator, will not give them any present. However, the Jews also agree with the teachings of the book: "it is not enough to know just how to keep working." The success of the Jews, the understanding of the elements of success and our ordinary people are different. We may wish to discuss their interpretation, from the following once might have been as the topic of our common sense, they are often we think is a person’s success as well as our own than their place. In order to understand how they are through which we see and misunderstanding of daily common behavior, miraculously leverage effect, thus achieved beyond the individual ability multiple achievements. In childhood, whether parents or teachers, for those of us learning achievement is not so satisfactory to their children or students, often give such a warning, but also can be said to be a kind of encouragement: Qinnengbuzhuo Benniao, you can fly! As long as more diligent, you will not be worse than others. After entering society, this belief has become a motto of our life and work, we must be diligent assiduous, can not, can have success! However, shrewd Jews have found that in many cases, although we also have considerable ability, and are willing to pay a maximum effort, but not necessarily to find their way, therefore, often makes you have feeling underappreciated, efforts should also may become a dream, the unemployed have this experience. Even if you have a chance to have a go, may often be counterproductive, even let you down.

the Jews believe that successful entrepreneurs not because they more diligent than others, to have today’s achievement; although, diligence was once a part of their efforts, but they are not able to cause success. Because, even if a person hard work, but also can not afford much workload. When you see them working too hard, if it’s not that they’re in the early stages, I’m afraid they’re going downhill. Entrepreneurs do not need to rely on individual efforts to strive for the success of the enterprise, the key is whether he has the ability to make his subordinates more diligent. Therefore, their minds are mainly on how to use the resources on the hands of the most fully utilized, rather than the best use of their own, which is the fundamental difference between entrepreneurs and workers.

before the media, often see such reports, a leader to work through the night, we think this is because he is capable and responsible. But in the Jewish view, this is actually a kind of incompetent performance. Due to his lack of leadership, do not know how to assign the work to other people to share, resulting in "dead superiors, idle bad subordinates" this imbalance situation.

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