Five how to avoid the temptation of Wangzhuan industry

Wangzhuan is always very tempting for many people, and many Wangzhuan projects often addictive, always want to encroach on, but once on it is easy to fall into the endless temptations, deceived that became the homely food I once caught them, however, has now jumped out, and then write my fangpian views to share with you!

: Wangzhuan seduction


is now a lot about Wangzhuan training site, and the site construction is also very professional, Wangzhuan also looks very real, and many also have a lot of support Wangzhuan training to help you to join them, but some Wangzhuan training is free, it makes a more easy to believe the authenticity of these Wangzhuan training then, to learn, of course many training Wangzhuan is true, there are many online training deception possible, let you help the team to do some basic things, such as pull a few people come to learn, then do compulsory labor, and learned most are outdated, really do it it is not profitable projects, so the training is free Wangzhuan Wangzhuan special training, looks very beautiful, but very difficult to do it


two: cooperation to do cheating, in fact, is cheating on you

In fact, a lot of

in Taobao transaction do brush advertising alliance cheating services, after the success can be divided in half, if it does not receive a failure, but for many webmaster, this is a big risk, if it fails, the cooperation partner is cheating without any loss, if successful then, they will also be able to the half of the profits, it is really very good profit, which is in the use of many owners eager to make money to make psychology, deceived the webmaster, but now most of the webmaster have immunity, and some novice webmaster often has caught, so it is necessary to introduce


three: fund investment allows you to get a quick return

network now has a lot of investment funds of the website, many of them on the website that he is currently the largest fund investment platform, there are a lot of risk investment funds in the often advertised as long as 10 days will be able to earn back the cost, behind waiting to count the money at home. However, this investment is often the method to pull off the assembly line, the more people if you pull your back, the speed will be faster, but your line is to earn more, so the fund investment mode of making money is often on the Internet marketing model, in the end, suffer their own and the current mode of temptation! This fund is very strong, there are a lot of people in the hope that they will be able to see this article, from the funds to


four: the temptation to join the agency project

is currently on the Internet there are many agent projects, it is like the evolutionary version of fund investment, as well as the reality of the Amway business model, but the product into a useless agent.