tBuLu how to make money blogging

just looked at, my blog is also a classification on the site to make money. The contents are relatively small, although I am in the network, the site is not what made a lot of money, but the money is still there, whether it is the website construction or site optimization, or even related to your blog. Then write a few articles about the blog to make money, the site to make money out of the example, to share with you. Master skip, here is the primary.

today to write a blog about how to make money.

we directly into the body, we can make money blogging on the web search can see the same article search, in fact I means nothing more than the way. I said here is different from other blogs, Wangzhuan, registered account, and then start to click every day, make a bit of money that I used to be in a higher, but also a friend told me that it is a waste of life. Blog to make money in a few ways, these are some of my own tried.

first, topic advertising. This is also the way the fire 07-08 years, and now seems to pay FEEDSKY slow, my friend said that there is an article of money to pay for a long time, but finally paid. Blog friends can go to feedsky to register to see, now generally through certification blog each article should be 40RMB a topic, as long as you follow his writing can be submitted after the. This topic of advertising is good, there are a few, do not know that the alliance activities are being held "no, friends who are interested to see, I don’t see a search. Now to write this thing is not interested, because I hope that this blog is his original article, don’t want to put some other advertising articles.

second, sale link. This money model from the beginning of 07 popular, the beginning and the site’s PR hook, the beginning of the PR4 can be sold to 50RMB a month a link. I just in the A5 Trading Forum just look for a businessman to see the next, PR4 can only buy 10-15RMB, but also requires a very high, the need to be included in the number of snapshots to the latest. Of course, I do not recommend that you use this approach, this way to make money can only say that the life of their own blog. Soon your blog PR will be cleared. Several of my friends blog PR are reduced or even cleared. If you really need to do not sell or pull the blog, blog links can be sold to earn money.

third, advertising alliance. Advertising alliance are binding and flow, the flow of your high advertising alliance will make money, general blog, traffic is relatively little, I like this blog one day is tens of IP visit, but I don’t care, I did not bother to write or some useless, hook the drainage of the topic of the article. Advertising alliance I suggest that in the blog traffic to a certain degree of time to hang up, do not have any advertising alliance, the best alliance in our country or the use of GOOGLE>

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